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Prediction Knock Out Cup 2019 FINALS

Finals Day has arrived. After 128 participants taking part in the 1st Round of the Prediction Knock Out Cup in January, we are down to the last two. In the main Prediction Knock Out Cup competition, @RedChaser will play @Bosseyedduck. The Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup was contested by the 64 first round losers of the Prediction Knock Out Cup. @robroy and @eaststandmike get their big day out in that Final after @eaststandmike's semi-final replay win by 1-0 over @stonemuse.

Good luck to all four competitors this weekend as they try to grab the first prediction silverware of the season on CL. The games take place over this weekend. If either game is drawn, there will be as many replays as necessary for the following weeks.


Prediction Knock Out Cup Final

RedChaser v. Bosseyedduck

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Final

robroy v. eaststandmike

The route to Wembley


1st round v. @SaySomething (H) 2-0
2nd round v. @moutuakilla  (H) 2-0
3rd round v. @btrain88 (A) 0-0
3rd round replay v. @btrain88 (H) 1-0
4th round v. @Saulc23 (H) 5-4
5th round v.@Karim_myBagheri (H) 1-0
Semi-Final v. @mrbligh (H) 2-1 


1st round v. @Badger (A) 3-0
2nd round v. @stackitsteve (A) 2-1
3rd round v. @No.1 in South London (H) 4-3
4th round v. @Bedsaddick (A) 2-2
4th round replay v. @Bedsaddick (H) 3-2
5th round v. @covered end junior (H) 3-1
Semi-Final v. @Taxi_Lad (H) 1-0



  • tight defence from @RedChaser
  • Thanks TMA, good luck all.............................except you robroy!
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