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Players Marks: Barnsley v Charlton (thread will close Monday morning)

at Oakwell or from a stream your marks please


Hackett-Fairchild: n/a


  • Referee: 7.5 his only real error was giving us that free kick that led to our goal
    Steer: 6.5 one good save
    Dijksteel: 4 hapless stuff, he really can't be trusted with a football at his feet, or near his head for that matter
    Bauer: 6.5 yeah good yeah
    Pearce: 6.5 seemed to be playing ok
    Solly: 6 wasn't actually too bad, went full have-a-go-hero at the end, will enjoy a rest tbh
    Bielik: 6.5 kept it going when others could not
    Reeves: 7 that is a full +2 for a moment of quality that completely transcended the dross we served up today - otherwise he was part of that dross
    Pratley: 4 pure weapons-grade triple-distilled dross
    Marshall: 5 some nice bursts in undangerous areas and a whole load of dross
    Taylor: 5 even he was dross
    Grant: 6 takes the wrong option every time but at least ran a lot
    Fosu: 5 fairly awful tbh
    Stevenson: 6.5 didn't mind that from him, almost a genius assist at the end with his hard cross that just eluded Taylor
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    Steer: 6.5 didn't do anything wrong
    Dijksteel: 4 To be fair to the lad, he is just not a defender. We can get away with it is teams are defensive against us.
    Bauer: 6 Ok
    Pearce: 6 Played through injury
    Solly: 5 Not himself - too slow
    Bielik: 7 Was decent
    Reeves: 6.5 Good finsih, but gets outstrengthed too often
    Pratley: 4 Was he playing?
    Marshall: 6 At least he was trying to make something happen in the first half
    Taylor: 5.5 Not his best game - touch often wasn't there and didn't bully defenders like he can
    Grant: 5.5 Effort without end product = No service though.
    Fosu: 6.5 Thought he made a difference in a positive way without being at his best
  • Referee: 7 missed a few cards
    Steer: 6.5 one good save, poor kicking
    Dijksteel: 6.5 fairly reliable defending bar their second goal, not much going forward
    Bauer: 7 decent defensively and passing
    Pearce: 7 shame he got injured
    Solly: 6.5 okay
    Bielik: 7.5 best player for us, gave it away a few times though, says a lot really
    Reeves: 7 tried things, well taken goal, often aimless
    Pratley: 2 shite
    Marshall: 6 ran well but poor delivery
    Taylor: 5.5 not his day gave away needless fouls
    Grant: 6.5 tried hard but not much came off for him
    Fosu: 6 sparks of decent play but often poor decision
    Stevenson: 6.5 looked fine as a replacement
  • Steer: 6.5
    Dijksteel: 5
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 6
    Bielik: 7
    Reeves: 6.5
    Pratley: 4
    Marshall: 6
    Taylor: 5
    Grant: 5
    Fosu: 6
    Stevenson: 6
  • Referee: 7.5 fair in most things he gave
    Steer: 6 can't do much with the goals
    Dijksteel: 4 poor at right back, poor at centre back
    Bauer: 6 didn't have a poor game but didn't do much to shine
    Pearce: 5.5 looked out of sorts before the injury
    Solly: 4 didn't need to dive in
    Bielik: 5 won a lot of headers, but lost the ball a lot
    Reeves: 5.5 well taken goal, poor delivery and decision making throughout
    Pratley: 4 pants
    Marshall: 5 less pants than Pratley
    Taylor: 5.5 didn't do much really? Lost the aerial battle and didn't link with Grant well enough
    Grant: 5 looked toothless today and didn't get in behind once
    Fosu: 3.5 greedy and shite isn't a good combination
    Stevenson: 5.5 did ok

    We were pretty shit barring the last 15 mins and even then we lost possession and made bad decisions all the time
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    At the Match
    Referee: 6
    Steer: 6 no chance with the goals
    Dijksteel: 5.5 should've been tighter for 2nd goal better at CB
    Bauer: 6 usual steady
    Pearce: 5.5 never got close enough for 1st assist
    Solly: 6 better at RB
    Bielik: 6.5 class
    Reeves: 6 poor 1st half extra point for goal
    Pratley: 5 poor
    Marshall: 5 never took his chance
    Taylor: 6 average
    Grant: 5 ineffective poor
    Fosu: 5.5 better than Marshy
    Stevenson: 6 ok in brief cameo

    Hackett-Fairchild: n/a
  • Referee: 7
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 6
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 6
    Reeves: 6.5 generally slow & poorish, extra mark for the goal
    Pratley: 5
    Marshall: 6.5 our most dangerous player in the 2nd half
    Taylor: 6.5 He looked our only "class" player, although a quiet game.
    Grant: 6
    Fosu: 6
    Stevenson: 6
  • Referee: 6
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 5
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 6
    Bielik: 6
    Reeves: 7 extra 1 for the goal.
    Pratley: 4
    Marshall: 6
    Taylor: 7 without him at the back of set pieces could have been worse.
    Grant: 6
    Fosu: 5
    Stevenson: 5

    Hackett-Fairchild: n/a quick.

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    Referee MINUS 10
  • Referee: no major cock ups, game flowed well though too lenient on time wasting in second half.
    Steer: 6, left horribly exposed for the two goals.
    Dijksteel: 5 lacked confidence to pass forward and seemed to have little understanding with those around him.
    Bauer: 6. Not his best game.
    Pearce: 6 disappointing, not as commanding against a slick Barnsley attack.
    Solly: 6 poor first half but unlucky to be sent off for a less than bookable challenge, imho.
    Bielik: 6 seemed out of place in first 30 mins as Barnsley dominated midfield.
    Reeves: 6 second best in most fifty fifties but scored prompting better play from Charlton.
    Pratley: 4 did little of note, lack of attacking intent.
    Marshall: 5 appalling first half including two airshot attempted clearances that fell dangerously to Barnsley’s midfield. Improved in second half with a couple of good runs that invariably followed him being dispossessed.
    Taylor: 7 MOM. Worked and fought hard but often lacked support.
    Grant: 6 little threat and a disappointment.
    Fosu: 6 added a little more creativity that was so lacking. A couple of nice moves with Marshall and his introduction improved the team.
    Stevenson: 6 an ok cameo.
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  • Steer: 6.5 Couple of decent slaves. Didn’t appear to have much chance with the goals
    Dijksteel: 7 One of our best performers. Put in some good blocks/tackles when move to centre back
    Bauer: 5. Not at the races today
    Pearce: 6 Usual aggressive stuff
    Solly: 5 Same as Bauer
    Bielik: 6 Tries too much sometimes and gave it away a lot today. But also put in some great tackles and won headers
    Reeves: 6.5 Some good some bad
    Pratley: 4. Anonymous
    Marshall: 5 Better second-half but that first half!!!!
    Taylor: 5 Far from his best today
    Grant: 5.5 Same as Taylor but a bit more mobile
    Fosu: 6 Livened things up a little bit when he came on
    Stevenson: 5.5. Did okay. Worth persevering with him as he is our only left back
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    Referee: 8 - Largely a good day, extra point for not giving Solly a straight red.

    Steer: 6.5 - Nothing he could do for either goal but did very well with that 1-v-1 with Bahre to give us a shot.

    Dijksteel: 5 - Some decent moments, some deeply concerning moments. Let's give him a go in midfield, shall we?

    Bauer: 6.5 - Started shakily but grew into it.

    Pearce: 6.5 - Couple of good last ditch challenges, slow to react/read danger on a couple of ocassions.

    Solly: 5.5 - He wasn't awful but he wasn't good. The red card at the end was silly.

    Bielik: 7.5 - MOTM His ability to put himself about, win the ball, and keep the ball amongst dross and a high pressing Barnsley side was incredibly impressive.

    Reeves: 7.5 - Extra point for the goal and generally looked the only one likely to create something.

    Pratley: 5 - Maybe a bit harsh as he was better today than he was against Coventry, but I can't get past the fact that this man is 33. My first question, as is always the case, is: what position was he playing? 10, or as a central midfielder? Because he goes wherever he likes. When he tried to shield the ball out in around the 10th minute when the ball clearly wasn't out I was truly baffled. And then there's the kick he gave to their player when he was down. Lucky not to get booked for that. Completely unnecessary and stupid.

    Marshall: 5.5 - Couple of dangerous moments but largely anonymous. Forgot he was playing for large stretches.

    Taylor: 6 - At least he tried

    Grant: 6 - See above. He looked off the pace though. Wonder if injury and his first full season at senior level is starting to catch up to him.

    Fosu: 6 - It's hard to fault him given the circumstances he came on to but he wasn't good either.

    Stevenson: 6 - Looked solid on the ball and put in that one great fizzed cross.

    Hackett-Fairchild: n/a Looked lost.

  • Referee: 7
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 5
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 5
    Bielik: 6
    Reeves: 6 very hit and miss passing, but well taken goal
    Pratley: 5
    Marshall: 5 awful first half
    Taylor: 5 ineffective
    Grant: 5 ineffective
    Fosu: 5
    Stevenson: 6

    Hackett-Fairchild: n/a

  • Referee: 4 - Yellow card for last man (HOW!!); then starting making bizarre decisions after being under pressure for giving the FK that we scored from

    Steer: 6 - Made some good catches and one good stop, could do nothing about the goals
    Dijskteel: 5 - Both full-backs got done today, yet Anfernee was lucky not to be caught out when he received the yellow for bringing down his man
    Bauer: 6 - Steady performance for most of the game
    Pearce: 6 - Same as Bauer, neither could do much about the goals
    Solly: 5 - Was better than Anfernee, agreed with Bowyer that he got the ball but shouldnt have jumped in like that
    Bielik: 6 - Protected the Centre-Backs as best he could
    Reeves: 6 - Nice finish, some rubbish passing at times though
    Pratley: 4 - Has gotten worse after a good start to the season
    Marshall: 5 - Fancy at times but his end product was terrible
    Taylor: 5 - Got another needless booking, ineffective
    Grant: 6 - Didnt stop working for the team today

    Fosu: 5 - Given a mark for almost scoring at the end but made no impression on the game at all, bloody awful FK that led to the goal
    Stevenson: 6 - Good cameo against his hardest opponents yet
  • Referee: 7
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 5
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 5
    Bielik: 6
    Reeves: 6
    Pratley: 4.5
    Marshall: 5
    Taylor: 5
    Grant: 5
    Fosu: 5
    Stevenson: 6
  • Referee: - 6 Thought he was doing well until he failed to give a red when Grant was clean through. I also thought he missed a hand ball in the build up to our goal but I will overlook that!
    Steer: - 7 No chance for the goals and kept us in it.
    Dijksteel: - 5 Awful first half. Did better in the second. He is not a full back.
    Bauer: - 7 Solid performance against some tough strikers
    Pearce: - 7 Same as Bauer
    Solly: - 6 One of our better performers today I thought. Missus a point for the sending off
    Bielik: - 6 I was expecting more from this guy. Some touches of class and generally looked solid in front of the back four
    Reeves: - 5 Dreadful in the first half. Did better in the second but still not great. Extra point for the goal
    Pratley: - 4 Awful.
    Marshall: - 5 Awful first half. Seemed to find a bit more space in the second and did better
    Taylor: - 7 Tried and tried but had no support.
    Grant: - 5 A waste of space today. He was outpaced but their centre half on more than one occasions. I thought strikers were supposed to be quick!
    Fosu: - 6 We looked better when he came on. The team suddenly started to take shape.
    Stevenson: - 6 Little impact and slotted in okay in the back four.
  • Leuth. Ref. How about trip on Grant? How did you see it?
  • Leuth. Ref. How about trip on Grant? How did you see it?

    LT Kapal hadn't gotten the stream working yet ;)
  • Referee: 6
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 5.5
    Bauer: 6.5
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 6
    Bielik: 7
    Reeves: 6.5
    Pratley: 5
    Marshall: 6
    Taylor: 6
    Grant: 6
    Fosu: 6
    Stevenson: 6

  • Referee: 5
    Steer: 6 done ok, no chance with there goals.
    Dijksteel: 7 thought he done well, he is still very very young,
    Bauer: 6.5
    Pearce: 6.5
    Solly: 5 just not his day
    Bielik: 7 best player for us.
    Reeves: 6 he tried hard, great strike for the goal.
    Pratley: 2 he actually reminds me of a time when I saw a horse kick a ball in blackpool. Just that the horse was better.
    Marshall: 4 nothing
    Taylor: 3 worse game I've seen from Taylor
    Grant: 4 not his day
    Fosu: 3
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  • Referee: 6 missed a red card on their defender for fouling Grant
    Steer: 6.5 couldn’t save the unstoppable Barnsley goals
    Dijksteel: 4 poor was exposed time an again
    Bauer: 6.5 steady game
    Pearce: 7 really committed player who gives his all. Tried to play on injured
    Solly: 7 total commitment from Solly emphasised by full blooded sending off tackle
    Bielik: 7.5 Tried to make things happen
    Reeves: 6 good goal but nothing else
    Pratley: 4 runs around in a disjointed aimless fashion as the game continues around him
    Marshall: 6 Always gives his all so markscfor effort rather than quality
    Taylor: 5 Poorest I’ve seen him. First touch not there looks tired
    Grant: 5 as with Pratley lots of running very little final product
    Fosu: 5 can’t seem to build momentum. Goes from sublime to anonymous
    Stevenson: 6 looked good in his cameo. Nearly got Taylor a goal

    Hackett-Fairchild: n/a why do we bother with him?
  • Was at the match -
    Referee: 6.5 Solly red wound me up.
    Steer: 6.5
    Dijksteel: 4 looked like he didn't have a clue at times.
    Bauer: 7
    Pearce: 7
    Solly: 6
    Bielik: 7 - thought he was solid but felt should have been quicker on the turn to stay with his man that led to the goal - got caught out
    Reeves: 7.5 shaky at times in the first half but since brilliant moments
    Pratley: 5 average
    Marshall: 5 again some good moments but looked average
    Taylor: 6 not the Taylor we know and love
    Grant: 6.5 worked hard after break and the pace is unbelievable
    Fosu: 6 fairly average, good few efforts at the end.
    Stevenson: 7 - for me he looked solid and sure, brilliant cross towards the end, very unlucky. I think he'll be a quality player eventually.
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    at Oakwell or from a stream your marks please

    Referee: 7 - Little bit whistle happy but thought he was ok
    Steer: 6.5 - One decent save, didn't have too much else to do, couldn't save either goal.
    Dijksteel: 5 - Shaky, and offers very little going forward. Needs game time in League 2 IMO
    Bauer: 6 - Did ok, rarely troubled
    Pearce: 6 - As above, could have got tighter for the first goal
    Solly: 5 - Thought he was poor, looked slow. Don't think he's anymore then decent anymore, although was on his unfavoured side.
    Bielik: 7 - Thought he was terrific second half, sluggish in the first. Is a class above Pratley that's for sure
    Reeves: 7 - Extra .5 for the goal. At least he tries to make something happen.
    Pratley: 4 - Poor. Slow, and doesn't really bring anything to the table
    Marshall: 5.5 - Extra .5 for around 2 mins of class in the second half. Offers nothing going forward anymore
    Taylor: 6 - Worked extremely hard but his touch was poor
    Grant: 6 - As above really, didn't get much of a chance to run. Thought their quick CB handled him brilliantly
    Fosu: 5.5 Waste of space, greedy with no quality to show for it. Had a couple of chances at the end
    Stevenson: 6 - Half decent cameo

    Hackett-Fairchild: n/a

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    Referee:5. Bottled what looked like a sending off at 1-0.
    Steer: 6 distribution awful. Pulled off a decent save to stop it going 3-0
    Dijksteel: 5. Not a right back, didn't close for the first goal and offers nothing going forward. Looked better at centre back.
    Bauer: 6 not much to do.
    Pearce:6 going off was a blessing in disguise as forced a switch at fullback.
    Solly: 5 out of position for the first which meant Pearce was dragged out wide. Not left back cover.
    Bielik: 7 decent tackling and solid passing
    Reeves:6 tried the hard passes but very little came off.
    Pratley: 4 seemed to constantly fall over and was terrible when he didn't.
    Marshall:5 woeful first half, much improved in the second.
    Taylor: 5 worst I have seem him play
    Grant: 5 couldn't seem to get in to the match not through want of trying.
    Fosu: 6 he should have replaced Pratley at half time.
    Stevenson: 6 decent, I think he deserves a run until Page returns.
  • Referee: 5
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 5.5
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 5
    Bielik: 7
    Reeves: 6
    Pratley: 4
    Marshall: 6
    Grant: 5
    Fosu: 6
  • Went to Oakwell -

    Referee: 6
    Steer: 6
    Dijksteel: 6
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Solly: 5
    Bielik: 7
    Reeves: 6.5
    Pratley: 4
    Marshall: 6
    Taylor: 6
    Grant: 6
    Fosu: 6
    Stevenson 6
  • Kevin Nolan's marks in his match report.
    Steer 7, Dijksteel 5, Bauer 6, Pearce 6 (Stevenson 65, 6), Solly 7, Bielik 7, Pratley 5 (Fosu 66, 5), Reeves 6, Marshall 6 (Hackett-Fairchild 87), Grant 6, Taylor 6. Not used: Phillips, Morgan, Ajose, Sarpong-Wiredu.
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