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People you used to hate but don't mind now

Piers Morgan

Graham Taylor


  • Chirpy Red
  • Michael Portillo
  • ian wright
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Chirpy Red

    yeah echoed, chirpy was a nightmare. DJ davey is A-ok.

    Ben Thatcher, i used to dislike him alot!
  • shane warne
    chris eubank
  • Tony Benn
  • [cite]Posted By: paulbaconsarnie[/cite]shane warne

    yeah good one, warney, i hated him for years, and now i like him, he is a good bloke and a cricketing leg end.
  • jamie theakstone
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Spotty P*rk*r

    I've forgiven him, maybe - at least conducted himself with dignity when he returned to The Valley.
    Am I wrong?
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  • I'm with you on Parker.

    "You know"
  • alan pardew
  • Ben Thatcher
  • oggy, i just thought he was a smarmy b*stard, but i like him now he's our smarmy b*stard!
  • with you mart77 - i used to turn over when he came on the telly.
  • The Daleks
  • Noddy
  • Maggie Thatcher! Thought, cant get any worse, it Did!
  • Bryan Hughes.........we may well need him !
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  • I agree with Pards - he was always Palace in my mind. Changed my mind a bit now though.

    Oh, and Danny Kelly.
  • nicky weaver

    not that easily!
  • edited October 2017
    Stig said:

    Riviera said:

    ian wright


    I admit I am a bit of a snob. Wrighty's poor use of the English language used to really wind me up. Pronunciation, annunciation, grammar, everything. However having heard more and more of him on the radio and MOTD etc I realise that he is such an honest bloke. He is such a football fan, such an Arsenal fan and has fond memories of his other clubs and he is such an England fan. I know enjoy listening to him.
    Ian Wright - Top bloke.
    Yes indeed, but you don't talk with predictive text do you?
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  • Karl Robinson
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