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1/3 Season review

6/10. I didn’t go today but I’ve been to every home and few aways. I feel we should be unbeaten, thrown too many points away late the table doesn’t lie but we should be higher with the performances so far. Overall, should be doing better as playing well. FRUSTRATING. injuries have played a part like every club but number one is tighten up at the back as we have goals in us.


  • I think this actually a good thread to put up Chappers. Overall, I believe Bowyer should be getting better out of what I think are some good players. Of course, managing under the ineptitude of RD is always going to be tough, and I believe Bowyer and JJ have given us some semblance of a belonging again since they’ve teamed up, but I’m so frustrated. I thought after last Saturday we’d turned the corner beating someone like Barnsley in the manor we had, only to play against Oxford on Tuesday like we did Coventry a few weeks ago.

    I can’t speak for today, but I feel like there’s a few games I’ve watched this season and I’m thinking, we should be winning these quite comfortably given our possession and control (Cov, Luton and Oxford spring to mind).

    After the game on Tuesday I thought, is it our mentality that us stopping us from killing off teams, or more worryingly, our ability.

    Like you I’m frustrated and think we should be a bit higher up in the league based on the talent I see in the players
  • promising, got potential but ultimately not fulfilling undoubted promise .. must try harder and be more positive
  • 0/10.

    We're seven places away from the lowest play-off position. So we've moved backwards, rapidly. The owner is still here, which will prevent us from making any improvements. We will have to outperform every other club in the division for the rest of the season to secure promotion. The great run inspired by Lee Bowyer at the end of last season - and it was as brilliant as it was remarkable - is a very distant memory.

    We can turn it round. But we need to, quickly. Come On You Reds.
  • 13th in the table
    0 out of 10
  • 4/10.

    based on the number of games we have not only led in but dominated (to a certain degree) we should be 4th or 5th right now. dropped points at home to Oxford & Coventry in recent weeks. Teams always score late goals so not even counting Sunderland (we were hanging on) and Shrews (shit ref). Better teams know how to kill teams off or see games out. Cant see it improving unless the midfield are shown how to shoot more often or cross a lot better.
  • Not seen too many games but "could do better" is the report so far.

    From what I've seen, heard and read, we've been the better side in most games but have failed to finish sides off when in a dominant position and have succumbed to a sucker punch on too many occasions. This in turn may have led to the lack of confidence and loss of form seen in the past two games.

    Not quite sure why the Barnsley game, in the middle of our poor run, is the one game where things went right.


  • From what I've seen this season, on our day we have a very good side with Taylor a very good number 9 at this level.

    The inconsistent results since the Luton game need to be improved on, hence the slide down the league table.

    18 from the first 10.
    22 from the first 15.
  • Based on the results 4/10

    We've played some decent football but we're a bit ineffectual and results are poor.
  • If we'd lost our first 6 as expected and gone on a run then it would be different Outlook.

    For me it's a bit meh as I expected us to compete, problem is we are competing with EVERYONE in the league abd haven't been played off the park, belief, a lot of luck, and a bit of a bollocking from Bowyer and we should make play offs again.

    I expected Top two from this squad in comparison to rest of division.

  • We can still compete for a playoff place.

    Bearing in mind there are no stand out teams of the calibre of Blackburn & Wigan this year, anything less would be a disaster.
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  • 4/10.

    Sadly Bowyer not getting the best out of his players. Even though Roland is tearing us apart, with the players we have we should easily be top 6.

    Some very strange team selections, is Pratley his love child?

    Why do we allow so many easy crosses into our box, God only knows what happens in training. We miss Bauer at the back but we look so bloody disorganised.
  • 6/10

    Some good wins and some good performances, but not consistent enough and too many points lost late in games.

    Lack of cover in certain positions, particularly in defence is part of the issue together with lack of goals coming from outside the front two.

    Play offs is still more than possible but looking less likely that we can be consistent enough to do anything better than last year.

    6 points from Walsall and Doncaster and things will look brighter, but I can’t see us getting much up at Walsall on a tuesday night.

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