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  • And well-deserved methinks
  • Recognition for Jason's skill & expertise as a coach and an undoubted honour for our football club.
  • Big Jace is Ace.
  • Well deserved. I'm sure having Paul Elliott as part of the decision making team helped too!
  • Well done Jason
  • Kieron Dyer is a strange choice by the FA
  • Kieron Dyer is a strange choice by the FA

  • iainment said:

    Kieron Dyer is a strange choice by the FA

    Not the most experienced of coaches... I know Sol Campbell is the same but he's been eagerly looking for work whereas we've heard nothing about Dyer wanting to go into coaching etc.
  • Congratulations to Jason Euell - he has done a tremendous job for us and this is a great and well deserved opportunity.
  • Been meaning to ask this question on here since Saturday

    With Neal Ardley likely to be sacked @ AFC Wimbledon i.e. BBC Radio London say he's been given a vote of confidence and going by Interviews with Ardley even he sounds resigned that it'll happen at some stage soon - Does anyone else think that Wimbledon may come calling for our Jason Euell? - They appear to be a similar club to us of late who seem to like going after people who have previously been involved with Wimbledon
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