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New Article: A Massive Well Done... all those behind the scenes who have clearly worked so hard in the last week (and in preparation before) in bringing this to the fore. The story escalation and generation of so many headlines and column inches this week has been nothing short of incredible.

This doesn’t just happen. This isn’t the interest that third tier clubs have the ability to attract.

I’ve no experience in media framing / story building etc but I’m pretty sure we have seen a classic case of this in evidence this week.

Leaked emails, open letters, headline grabbing examples of the ridiculous, working contacts, providing briefing, being creative, driving the story, building momentum etc

Ignore the abuse and ridicule that sadly will always be generated from some Charlton fans.

What you have seen this week is why Charlton fans have been seen with respect, admiration and sometimes envy from the fanbases of every other protest club in recent years.

Football author Martin Calladine says “Charlton fans remain the absolute model of smart, focused campaigning” and he is 100% right.

This has all culminated in the EFL publishing a statement about the club. Extraordinary and unprecedented I think, seeking to engage with both club and supporters group.


They don’t want to, and they are certainly not doing so because of what’s happening at Charlton. Or because hundreds of Charlton fans and the Trust have wrote to them.

They are responding because every national has giving column inches to Charlton stories this week. That top national columnists like Martin Samual, Owen Wilson, Henry Winter have highlighted it and in the process slammed the EFL. National Sports radios have been dedicating shows to it. The Standard, who wouldn’t know their Charlton from Chorlton dedicated two days of back pages to it.

That’s why the EFL are issuing statements and finally engaging. The story has been driven hard and successfully to such an escalated level that they simply feel they can no longer ignore it. Even if they probably can’t do anything.

So well done to all those behind some very successful campaigning this week.

And if we are going to protest, let’s do it properly and let’s do it in numbers. If you can get to the ground for the protest then please make the effort. Another person there is another body seen and another voice heard. Will it achieve anything, ultimately probably not. But hopefully it will show some fan togetherness and commitment to the cause. And that means not just leaving it down to others.

And finally, if you are going to the game, please passionately get behind the lads. If you’ve been staying away then we’ve a very good manager at the moment and despite the lack of resources, a decent little team who are giving their all. I strongly feel Bowyer can build something here and a supportive Valley really can be the 12th man.

Up the Addicks!


  • What he said
  • Yeah, AFKA - all the way.
  • Can't wait for Tom Rubbishow to wheel out the training ground plans again.....oh hang on a minute..!!
  • Well said that man. As you say these things don’t just happen. It’s been well coordinated and it’s worked a treat. Well done all concerned. And a big thanks.
  • Once more, into the breach dear friends, once more ,Or close the wall up with our Charlton dead........

    Well said AFKA
  • Yes smudge! See you tomorrow with bells on
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    Well said AFKA, we’ll be there and in the Royal Oak before the protest
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    Great stuff, AFKA.

    " Now is the time for all good men/women, especially those who have so far ruled themselves out, to come to the aid of the "party". It is a time for guts, determination and unity. Because , believe me, this could be our last chance"

    For once, a Boris utterance makes sense.

    He clearly is a closet Addick.
  • Wonderful words. Will be there in spirit.

  • Brilliant people Charlton supporters, even if they don't always stick the apostrophe where it's (supposedly) supposed to go.
  • it’s unbelievable really. So hard to keep up. Massive credit to the Comms team behind CARD. They certainly know their onions.

  • Well said, sir
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    Quality summary and I couldn’t agree more. There is still plenty of reasons to be proud to call yourself Charlton.
  • Good point well made AFKA. I am on holiday in the Med but will be tunes in and with you in spirit. Play-up Charlton, this is a big opportunity to heap even more pressure on the hopeless and embarrassed billionaire.
  • Im happy to swap,places if you want to,come back @Cardinal Sin :-)
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  • Agreed, well done. It certainly works.
    I had a message from a long lost contact asking me if the “crisps story” was true. He was double flabbergasted when I told him about the training ground water policy.

    Bowyer is the one bright light in a very dark time.
    IMO (no evidence), the Aussie takeover is dead, and we will have to ramp up the pressure all over again.
  • Great summation AFKA, give yourself another promote.

    Oh, you already have.
  • Curb_It said:

    it’s unbelievable really. So hard to keep up. Massive credit to the Comms team behind CARD. They certainly know their onions.


    Now we know what's being thrown on the pitch

  • Well said AFKA I dont think tjete are many who would disagree with todays actions. See you outside the Valley.
  • Hear, hear - tremendous work from all concerned to achieve this fantastic level of national coverage. It just emphasises what a great asset the Charlton supporters will be when we finally get a decent owner - and how this idiot squandered all that goodwill.

    On holiday at present but looking forward to reading about the protests at The Valley and in Duchatelet’s own backyard.
  • Scoham said:
    'Charlton's problems are no longer "behind closed doors". The doors have come off their hinges'.
  • Just got to Sardinia (Simon and Yasmin Le Bon were on the flight looking proper rough but you would )
    Go give em hell everyone , need this prick out sharpish .
    Kids not got enough football kits that fit Cos haven’t bought any for ages .
    Mrs got hump Cos I said all she can buy is England kit , couldn’t find that , at the airport I said they could have a Barca kit (shameful) thankfully 12 year old said I don’t want anything but Charlton or England .
    6 year old wanted a Man City kit fffs
    He settled on a Barca kit .
    Poxy Roland fuck off and they can all have Charlton kits you back and front .

    Viva La Resistance , good luck all
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