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Ticketmaster to close resale sites Seatwave and Get Me In

Ticketmaster is closing its secondary ticketing websites Seatwave and Get Me In, in a bid to combat touts.

The sites, which allow you to offload unwanted tickets, have frequently been exploited by so-called "professional sellers" who hike up the prices.

"We know that fans are tired of seeing others snap up tickets just to resell for a profit on secondary websites, so we have taken action," said Andrew Parsons, head of Ticketmaster UK.

The sites will be shut down in October.

In their place, you will be allowed to sell tickets directly on Ticketmaster, where a simple click will release tickets back into the market.

Unlike the current system, you will only be allowed to charge the original price or less - though there will a 15% surcharge on every ticket to cover booking fees paid by the seller.

Ticketmaster has also vowed to be transparent about the difference between "new" and resold tickets. When selecting seats for a concert, theatre or sporting event, the seat map will show standard tickets in blue and second-hand tickets in pink.


  • The irony of it! They must be losing money through it or under pressure from regulators....
  • Fucking cheek! Making out the're fighting the fight against touts, when in reality they are a big part of it
  • A few artists have now been choosing selected resale websites where they can only sell on there for face value or less. So must have been hit by not being chose on some of the big ones and noticed that artists, management etc are battling against it so are now just trying to make them look like they're nice.
  • Ticketmaster are the biggest touts out there! They're doing this, before it is done to them and about bloody time too. It's a scandal they've been allowed to get away with this dodgy practice for so long.
  • Thankfully this has now happened as it's a long time coming. Noel Gallagher and Ed Sheeran have helped by taking a hard stand at their shows about resold (touted) tickets bought online.

    The real problem was people still bought them, these parasites were praying on that
  • If they actually cared, the sites would be shut down now, not in October.

    This is only happening due to pressure from the industry, and nothing to do with Ticketmaster caring about their customers.
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