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We are looking at having a cheeky break in Marrakech/Marrakesh (You choose) in the middle of October this year, anybody been, got any suggestions, any do and don'ts?

Prefer 5 star accommodation like a spa hotel or something along those lines but happy to listen to other suggestions.


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    ride the Marrakech express

  • And miss the next bit of news about the takeover? Are you mad?
  • Walt said:

    Stay in a decent quality Riad rather than a hotel for a different experience.

    gotta agree with this, really worth staying in a riad if you've not been before

    and make sure you eat in jemaa el-fna. turn up once all the stalls are set up in the evening, walk around and find something that you like the look of, no need to plan in advance. you're going to get good food wherever you choose
  • Walt said:

    Stay in a decent quality Riad rather than a hotel for a different experience.

    Pretty good selection here:
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    Don’t get caught buying heroine like I did , my cock was hanging out my shorts it was well embarrassing
  • Wanted La Sultana when I was booking but full. Ended up in Riad Kniza. Really nice and food was excellent
  • Pack a load of immodium
  • Look out for aggressive locals who want to show you where to go and who get nasty when you say no thanks. Ten years ago we at stayed in Riad Kniza - palatial
  • Not Marrakech but Agader we stayed at a great hotel.
    But outside of our hotel was like going back in time.
    Child prostitutes being offered despite the fact k was with my wife.
    Drug sellers on every street corner.
    My advice is just be careful and don't venture to far from where you are staying
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    Marrakech can be full on. Get a Riad in the centre. If you get hassled just keep walking. Don't forget to smile, it gets you a long way and for gods sake don't be a cheapskate haggling for 50p off everything thinking it's how the locals do bargain for proper things like carpets. Don't pay anyone to be your guide, unless you want a guide.

  • I’ve done plenty of dodgy places in Asia but I thought Marrakesh was well dodgy. Rip offs and generally dodginess abound but many like it. Not for me.
  • Great place. I love it there.
    Just remember - “no public displays of affection” and you will have great time.
    I recommend a visit to Sinatra’s club.
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    My vote goes for a riad in the Medina too - but away from the bustle of Jemaa el-Fna. Nothing quite like quietly chilling on the roof at night and the late call to prayer starting up from all the local little mosques at slightly different times.
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