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Happy 70th Birthday

The National Health Service is 70 years old today.

Thank you Mr Peter Jones, Consultant Surgeon at Maidstone Hospital, for saving my beautiful wife's life 12 years ago. Thank you Dr Neil Philips, Consultant Haematologist at Royal Stoke and Dr Adrian Bloor, Consultant Haematologist at The Christie for saving our Danny's life - and to all their staff, the nurses, support staff, and everyone who makes it work. Heroes every single one of them and the debt of gratitude has no limit.

I am immensely proud to be British and lucky to live in the greatest country on earth. That pride takes many forms but none comes close to the pride I feel for the NHS - our greatest peacetime achievement. It must be treasured, looked after like nothing else, resourced sufficiently for the health challenges and advancements we now find ourselves with - taxes raised (top rates) to provide the additional investment as required.

Happy birthday you wonderful, irreplaceable National Health Service.


  • here here, well said - to many incidents to mention when they've been there for me, my kids etc.....
  • I thought this was going to be about @blackpool72 - then I realised he was 70 18 years ago.
  • a wonderful, national treasure of course .. BUT .. like all 70 year olds, it's beginning to show its age .. a transfusion/makeover/minor adjustments are needed and not just infinite and endless demands for injections of cash
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