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Cover to Cover: Cockney Rebel v The Wedding Present

Not done one of these for a while but as there is nothing going on in the football world here we go.

Listen without prejudice and say which version you prefer, the 1975 Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel original or the 1990 Wedding Present cover.


  • Somehow the Wedding Present version had passed me by until now. Love it.
  • Somehow the Wedding Present version had passed me by until now. Love it.

    I hadn't heard it before today, which prompted me to try it on here.
  • Duran Duran did a good version of it
  • I thought I would say Cockney Rebel until I played Wedding Present. WP get my vote.
  • WP is just a garage band thrash.
    CR version is far superior, Harleys vocal, the acoustic guitars and tambo are the song. No Contest.

  • Weddoes for me. The original is a classic, but their version is even better.

    Not often that happens.
  • CR. But its close run.
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    Didnt like the WP version but gain extra marks from me for the double necked guitar.
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  • Have most of WP on 12" and 7" and consider bizzaro a classic. However it's CR for me.
  • To me a cover version has to be so different or improve the original to be get the vote. And WP's offering does neither so it's CR for me.
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    personally I like the bit where Stevie says "Geetar" and Jim Cregan plucks away.
  • Another one here who'd missed the Wedding Present's version and loved it. It's still SH&CR for me though, absolute classic.
  • First I've ever heard of the 'Wedding Present' version. Total shit ! Destroys a brilliant tune/song.
    Steve Harley version by a million miles.
  • Used to know the WP when they were first around and was a big fan. That said, CR version is better IMO. WP version has more energy, but the crispness of the guitar solo really makes the CR version.
  • Cockney rebel all day long. But the other version is ok.
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