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Squeeze - Deptford Albany 12th July on sale now

Box Office 0208 692 4446



  • Cheers for that falconwood_1 just bought my ticket.
  • anyone else going?
    booked my tickets over the phone. they don't send them out, you have to produce your c/card at the box office to get them.
    anyone know if i can collect them before the day? i hate queueing and would prefer to have a few beers elsewhere beforehand.
  • Pretty sure if you give them a ring the day before and ask if you can collect them a bit earlier in the evening it would be okay, that's what i'm going to do.
  • im going and im sure they told me they would send the tickets out?
  • That what I thought too!

    How very Charlton!
  • just contacted box office. there's an option (which i wasn't offered) of having them sent out or collect them.
    anyone collecting can do so anytime (box office hours) from now until the date.
  • does anyone know what time they reckon they will come on? ive stupidly double booked so will be coming down a little later?
  • just checked myself, main act 9-10.30
  • has anyone's tickets come yet?
  • even if u have to pick them up its not a big venue and youl be fine to collect them within 5mins of getting in the queue mate.
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  • yes but thats a pain as im joining my group there later and i dont want them to have wait outside till i arrive or vice versa, especially if get caught up.
  • Haven't been to deptford for a while, can anyone recommend any decent pubs near the venue thanks.
  • the one we were in after wasnt bad for a sing song badger? well you and Tavern were outside managing to avoid me bellowing.

    didnt see you dev.
  • Dev was in pub berore the gig
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