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Are Exeter City Fans The Most Powerful Supporters In England?

An insight into the way the club are run & Paul Tisdale's departure.


  • It is an interesting model of ownership and running the club. Certainly most of the finance coming in is being reinvested to the good of the club.

    When things are not going well on the pitch, enough fans to effect change are quick to judge on emotion.

    Tisdale has been successful in the main for Exeter yet he is going. Will be interesting to see if they can keep momentum on the pitch. Taylor would seem a good fit however but every manager change is a risk if the one before has done well.
  • I spoke to a Scottish guy the other day who supported Queens Park, he sad the only way you can get on the board is to have played for the club, not a bad idea
    In theory.
  • Dirty northern B*#@ards!
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