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Caption Corner: Taylor and Tango


  • PT: I didnt know you were evicted from Big Brother
  • SJ "automatic promotion this season please Peter"
    PT "no problem Jaffa"
    SJ "don't take the p!ss, I'm going to be a father don't you know"
    PT "you started it"
  • SJ: Peter, now that Saddam is dead, will you be best man at my wedding?
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    PT. Oh oobi do, I wanna be like youhoohoo!!
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    Taylor and Tango go to Hollywood.
    Remake of the Sylvester Stallone,Kurt Russell Movie.

    Tango and NO cash.
  • Taylor and Tango go to Hollywood.
    To star in "Every Which Way But Loose"

    Taylor's line is " Right turn Clive."
  • Taylor : Simon, it is really hard to smile when you are squeezing my nuts like that.
    Jordan : Less talking bollocks in front of the camera. That's my job.
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