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Roy Hodgson Given Freedom of Croydon



  • Does that mean he has the freedom to burn it down?
  • It's been misreported, Palace couldn't afford his staying up bonus of £3.25 so they've given him the borough of Croydon in payment instead.

    The remainder of his bonus will be paid next year.
  • And I thought they liked him.
  • Shit'ole.
  • So he is now legally entitled to piss in Cash Converters doorway after a night in Wetherspoons.
  • Poor sod...He didn't deserve that. How disrespectful.
  • 2018: Given the Freedom of Croydon
    2019: Given the boot
  • Looks real to me...

    ...and with the football season officially over, CharltonLife morphs into a Vicar of Dibley sketch...’you know that post that says I can’t believe it’s not Blatter ?...well I can’t believe it’s not Blatter....’
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  • So he is now legally entitled to piss in Cash Converters doorway after a night in Wetherspoons.

    Until recently, it's been many many years since I found myself in Croydon. (A clue as to how long ago: Allders was considered as a fine department store and people still put crystal glasses and decanters on their wedding present lists.)

    I went to meet an ex-work colleague in the aforementioned Wetherspoons, The George. I was shocked at how Croydon had deteriorated. It's a truly horrible place and it's difficult actually getting to the bar in The George because you get stuck to the carpet. Disgusting. As for the toilet facilities, well I'll leave this here:


    It's just a shame that the rioters stopped at Reeves Corner and didn't burn the whole place down.

    Hodgson is welcome to it.
  • Because no one else wants them.
  • Perhaps we arrange for RD to have the freedom of Croydon too. They could have nice picnics together with Sepp Blatter.
  • roy hodgson at palace;

    games 37
    won 12
    draw 11
    loss 14

    win ratio 32.43%

    allardyce and pardew both had better win ratios
  • “Congratulations Roy, we would like to honour you with.........................................the freedom of Croydon”


    This is absolutely brilliant!!
  • This prat took £16m off the FA and then at the weekend totally undermined their principle competition with the most disrespectful comments about the FA Cup, and he won! Idiot. Cannot stand him.
  • Lucky for him he didn't win the second prize - the freedom of Croydon AND Norwood.
  • edited January 2019
    he's gonna use that next time he faces Benteke at Wwwooorrrhhuuummeerrrr..!!!
  • My son is in Rio at the moment adding to his football stadiums visited and has accommodation near Copacabana beach.
    When I asked about the favela's and slums of Rio, he said that compared to West Croydon it's a marked improvement.
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  • Think i'd rather have a 5 quid book token ...
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