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CL Predictions League: Week 34 results, FINAL TABLE and Hall of Fame Update



  • Congratulations Taxi Lad
    Thanks AFKA keeping this going week on week year on year is very much appreciated.
  • Thanks for doing this. It is a great deterrent to taking up actual gambling!
  • Many thanks AFKA, very enjoyable.
    A nice 17th finish in the big boy league, Just avoided the relegation zone on goal difference alphabetical order.
  • Thanks @AFKABartram . Time consuming task which has given me a great deal of pleasure.
  • I wonder who the ever present predictors were? I think I was almost there and wonder how many more points I'd have got if I'd missed more weeks
  • Pretty sure I was ever present
  • Taxi_Lad said:

    Pretty sure I was ever present

    And if I'd missed more your better scores would have bumped up my average. Congratulations BTW
  • Thanks! Still waiting for the 100k cheque to drop through the letterbox :wink:
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Roland Out!