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We've got two Mortimers!

Okay, maybe not quite in Morts' class yet as he performed in the top flight, but Fosu is becoming reminiscent of a young Mortimer, and Aribo is like Morts was in his later years when injuries had taken away his pace. Their speed of feet and ability to just glide past people without seemingly actually doing that much with the ball is a joy to watch when they are on song.

The midfield today looked so well balanced with JFC anchoring it all superbly and spraying the ball around, Reeves as a wide play maker and Aribo and Fosu both working hard in defence and total wild cards in attack. Just need to shoot a bit more often!


  • I dream of 11 Mortimers. Aribo I agree with, Fosu is too right footed and reminds me more of an upgraded Lloyd Sam!
  • Kashi is supposed to be back soon...

    How would you even put him or Solly on the bench at the moment
  • Morts was not quick but could leave his marker for dead with his skill and then could unleash a powerful shot. Thus Aribo is more like Mortimer than the speedy Fossu. Chris Powell could also beat his marker from a standing position. It is a wonderful skill. Always loved Morts and SCP of course.
  • Kashi is supposed to be back soon...

    How would you even put him or Solly on the bench at the moment

    You don't need to. No rush. Let injured players recover their fitness as necessary.
  • The balanced showed by Fosu today with his first goal was incredible - A bit reminiscent of George Best. The defender tried to take him out about 5 yards from the edge of the box - he rode the tackle , shimmied to shoot (thus taking another defender out) and then unleashed an accurate shot into the bottom corner. They don't get much better than that.......and then his second he dummied a defender, nutmegged another & then shot from around 25 yards, yet again into the corner.
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