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Takeover Thread - Get Guessing

edited March 2018 in General Charlton
1. Who has made the most posts on the "Duchatelet's sale of Charlton" takeover thread?

2. Who has had the most likes on the thread?

3. Who has received the most LOL's?

4. Who has been flagged most?

5. Who has written the most words on this thread (overall, and in a single post)?

(Totally stolen by the way thanks to @Pedro45 . As I created a thread on it, it must be original content...)


  • 1.Henry Urvin
    2.Airman Brun
  • Excellent OP, hope it gets a promote
  • You missed off promotes. You know, like the one I got, and the one Henry wishes he got.
  • @Dazzler21 you’ve also just nominated yourself to trawl through the however many pages to give the community the answers they want on this. You can enlist @i_b_b_o_r_g as well if you want. It’s a good subject to cut your teeth on if you ever want to be a mod

    The reals mods (ie me) are busy planning a poll on what has been Paulie’s favourite prize from playing McDonalds Monopoly so far.
  • Double cheeseburger.
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