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NEW ARTICLE: MacClaren's late night karaoke reveals the truth


  • TT
    edited October 2006
    To be fair just think of the airmiles young darren is picking up. He'll be able to book a Holiday for next to nothing while Euro 2008 Is going on without England.

    Look at his face, how can you turn down a face like that?!


    He's bright eyed and keen, desperately wanting to prove it on the pitch... He's thinking "Go on Steve, please let me play, it's 2-0. get me on I'll bag a quick hatrick and get you out of this mess, just like i do in my back garden all the time Please please please let me play"... little does he know his dreams will be shattered as second choice steve decides to hold onto to a 2-0 deficit with a change of formation and the introduction of the miserable midgit next to him.
  • LOL. That is blinding. Should email it to BigMac himself at the FA.
  • Yes to the FA.
    and to Football 365 as i suggested to dan.
  • Love it ! lets move it around.
  • Ah bless, look at him. Thing is he comes across as a really nice bloke & we all know where nice guys finish...!
  • LOL! Great post...........
  • I can't at work i'm afraid, but feel free to forward on to whoever people like, as long as they give a link and mention the site.

  • Is it me or is there an uncanny resemblance...

    Steve McClaren:

    And Basil Brush:
  • I'm almosty tempted to dig out the "Bat Out of Hell" CD so I can sing along
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