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Questions for the new ownership

Thinking ahead I thought it would be worthwhile putting together a list of questions for our new owner(s) ready for after the takeover is confirmed.

1. Have you or your direct reports ever had to escape a difficult situation at work by hiding in a laundry basket?


  • Who are you?
  • Does Donald trump really have a bigger button than Kim Jong un?
  • Who do you hate more
    Palarse or Smallwall
  • When you shop for sofas do you prefer Harvey's or DFS?
  • Are you a multi-billionaire who is willing to pump hundreds of millions into the club each year so we can win the champions league each season ? If not, best to piss off now,
  • How tall are you?
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    Trust henry to come up with some actual questions :wink:
  • Will you provide free travel to charlton’s home games in Somerset ?
  • 1 ?

    6 What is your exit strategy?


    Not stepped foot in the door yet and he already wants to know when they're leaving!!

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  • 1 ?

    6 What is your exit strategy?


    Not stepped foot in the door yet and he already wants to know when they're leaving!!

    not when, how?
  • What shade of yellow are you painting the steps?

    Who are the new mascots?
  • How important is it for you that potholes are never allowed to form in the car park?
  • Could you spend £11m on a trench?
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  • Would you be agreeable to renaming the North Stand the Cupboard End?
  • Who is responsible for picking the team and deciding on tactics?

    a) the manager, with support from his coaching staff
    b) the chairman

    Who is in charge of scouting?

    a) a team of experienced scouts with expert knowledge of English football providing information and advice to the first team manager who always has the final say.
    b) your next-door-neighbour's son, assisted by his Commodore 64.

    When you appoint a Chief Executive, you'll be looking for someone who:

    a) understands that football supporters are different from any other business' customers. Their sense of ownership is to be embraced and encouraged - we'll be a stronger and better club if we're all pulling in the same direction.
    b) thinks that football supporters are idiots who have no right to complain about anything and should pay up, shut up and turn up at least an hour before kick to join in the pre-match dancing.
  • Do you have anything against boilers?
  • Floodlight control.
    Malaysian or Chinese?
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    What's your reaction to rumours that you're no longer fit for purpose, and will shortly be replaced by a titanium prosthetic?
  • Are you considering allowing your staff time off for a piss.
  • Will you keep Tone on in some capacity that requires him to serve Tea and Cakes in the Covered End?
  • Can you take penalties?
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