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Funny christmas stories

I'll start the ball rolling. My daughters do a sort of christmas show at school here just before term ends. The format is identical every year - each class does a poem in Catalan, a song in English and a song in Catalan. My older daughter seemed a bit down when I asked what she'd be singing, and she admitted their christmas dong in English would be Heal the World by Michael Jackson. I said it wasn't very christmassy, and she informed me the other choices had been Imagine by John Lennon and The Sound of Silence. I mean what christmas would be complete if we didn't all gather round the tree and intone 'hallo darkness my old friend'.

My younger daughter told me her one was VERY christmassy and was called Mr Toad. She wanted to preview it at home but tyere wasn't a song that fitted the bill. It was only when her class started to sing 'Shall we kiss under the Mistletoe' that I realised she may have misunderstood the lyrics for every practice they did.

Merry christmas.


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