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Paddy Power ad

Assume there's a thread somewhere already but was shocked to realise the Paddy Power ad (with fan in wheelchair) uses the West Stand decked out in blue:


  • What are the "fan denial " advertising banners all about ?
  • Look who is in the director's box. Pretty much confirms the new owners identity.
  • I've seen that advert loads of times, never really paid that much attention. Thought it was the Den.
  • They've used the Valley loads in recent ads.
  • The outside parts are filmed at The Den iirc.
  • What are the "fan denial " advertising banners all about ?

    Paddy power make a clip every week of fans of usually a big prem club that has lost on social media going into rants about there teams often descending into obscure arguments.
  • Anybody know if one of the Paddy Power adverts is filmed up at The Meridian Club, near the Queen Elizabeth hospital? 
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