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Closed threads on the EU

Will we see the return of the article 50 thread? My angle regarding the Irish border has been main news since just after the thread was suspended and some of us (well me actuàlly) would enjoy continued discussion on this.


  • Have to agree Seth. Emotive and politically current threads (where people do admittedly go a bit ott in the expression of their views and beliefs) often get closed sadly.

    Understand why they get closed though. Just ashame that some people can't be a bit more tolerant of views that oppose their own narrative. It allows for interesting (and at times intellectual) debate/discussion from some, quite clearly, well read people on here.
  • We haven't been able to continue the discussion on contaminated USA chicken, or contaminated EU eggs.
    Not to mention the new €5 EU entry charge/document that is being mooted (called an ETIAS) - funny how they are thinking of securing their borders now that we are leaving.

    But we do have football back, so none of this stuff matters until we are drawn away to Barcelona in the Champions League :smiley:
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    Ireland will be using their veto when UK asks for transition period extension
  • This will go the same way as the other threads so this will be the last time this idiotic moronic liar posts on this thread.
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