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It's Back - The Charlton Life Predictions League 2017/18

Incredibly now in its 12th season, welcome back once again to the competition that's more eagerly anticipated than a set of Rachel Riley leaked iCloud pictures (one day chaps, one day)

Having been attached to his pencil and calculator since 2009/10 season, @shirty5 has sadly decided to take early retirement, so we reluctantly thank him for his loyal efforts over the years at Team CL. But do not fear, the show goes on but with the added ingredient of a lot more mistakes :-)

So, a recap. It's so simple Joey Essex could manage this. All you have to do is predict the result from three games on the selected weekly list of fixtures (we sometimes omit fixtures we think are likely to be very one-sided gimme, like Chelsea v Dagenham, Man City v Newport or Charlton v Millwall). This week's opener there are 20 fixtures selected, in future this might be narrowed


- 1 point if you get the scoreline in the right direction (home win, draw, away win),
- 3 points if you get an exact scoreline (2-1),
- and if you are lucky enough to get all three results exactly right, you get the joy of 5 bonus points (total 14 points), (and the disappointment of finding out what the odds would have been if you had placed it with the bookies!)
- To encourage continued participation, participants are granted three byes throughout the season for when they forget to enter, are away etc. In that instance, added to your running total will be the average points score from the other participants for that week (final three weeks of the season won’t count). You do not have to do anything to have the bye total added to your score, it will be calculated for you.

Good luck everyone

Premier League

Watford v Liverpool (1.30)
Palace v Huddersfield
Everton v Stoke
Southampton v Swansea
West Brom v Bournemouth
Brighton v Man City (5.30)
Newcastle v Tottenham (Sun 1.30)


Barnsley v Ipswich
Birmingham v Bristol City
Brentford v Forest
Cardiff v Villa
Derby v Wolves
Leeds v Preston
Millwall v Bolton
Reading v Fulham
Sheff Wed v QPR

League One

Gillingham v Bradford
Oxford v Portsmouth
Plymouth v Charlton
Rochdale v Scunthorpe


  • Sheff Wed v QPR 3-1
    Watford v Liverpool 0-2
    Leeds v preston 2-1
  • Ffs wondered why I got 2 lols you could of said I only needed to pick 3 games
  • Palace v Huddersfield 1-1
    West Brom v Bournemouth 2-1
    Newcastle v Tottenham 1-3
  • Everton v Stoke 3-1
    Newcastle v Tottenham 0-5
    Plymouth v Charlton 1-2
  • Palace 1 v 3 Huddersfield
    Newcastle 2 v 2 Tottenham
    Millwall 1 v 2 Bolton
  • Leeds v Preston 3 - 1
    Reading v Fulham 1 - 2
    Plymouth v Charlton 1 - 2
  • Crystal palace v Huddersfield 1-2
    Millwall v Bolton 1-1
    Plymouth v Charlton 1-2
  • Not done this for a while, so would like to join in this year!

    Everton v Stoke 1-0
    Sheff Wed v QPR 2-1
    Gillingham v Bradford 0-1
  • clb74 said:

    Ffs wondered why I got 2 lols you could of said I only needed to pick 3 games

    I'd slap a £1 on that accumulator you might come up. ;)
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  • Brighton 0 v 3 Man City
    Watford 1 v 2 Liverpool
    Plymouth1 v 2 Charlton
  • Plymouth 1-2 Charlton
    Palace 2-0 Huddersfield
    Leeds 2-0 Preston
  • edited August 2017
    Brighton v Man City (5.30) 1-3
    Plymouth v Charlton 0-2
    Oxford v Portsmouth 2-1

  • Brighton 1-3 Man City
    Newcastle 1-1 Tottenham
    Rochdale 1-0 Scunthorpe
  • Everton v Stoke 1-1
    Newcastle v Tottenham 0-2
    Plymouth v Charlton 0-2

  • Gillingham v Bradford 1-1
    Oxford v Portsmouth 1-1
    Rochdale v Scunthorpe 1-2
  • Watford v Liverpool (1.30) 0-2
    Everton v Stoke 2-0
    Brighton v Man City (5.30) 0-2
  • Brighton v Man City (5.30) 0-3
    Plymouth v Charlton 1-2
    Rochdale v Scunthorpe 1-4

    Three away wins. Only one I will be pleased with.
  • Watford v Liverpool 1-2
    Brighton v Man City 0-3
    Plymouth v Charlton 1-3
  • Palace v Huddersfield 2-1
    Brighton v Man City 0-3
    Oxford v Portsmouth 1-1
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  • clb74 said:

    Ffs wondered why I got 2 lols you could of said I only needed to pick 3 games

    Nice one Joey :smiley:

    Everton v Stoke 2-0
    Brighton v Man City 0-3
    Leeds v Preston 1-0
  • Everton v Stoke 2-0
    Southampton v Swansea 2-0
    West Brom v Bournemouth 2-0
  • Watford v Liverpool 0-3
    West Brom v Bournemouth 2-1
    Leeds v Preston 2-0
  • Watford 1-3 Liverpool
    Brighton 1-3 Man City
    Newcastle 1-3 Tottenham
  • Watford v Liverpool 1-3
    Palace v Huddersfield 1-0
    Millwall v Bolton 1-1
  • Everton v Stoke 2-0
    Sheff Wed v QPR 3-1
    Oxford v Portsmouth 2-1
  • Watford 0 Liverpool 3
    Everton 2 Stoke 1
    Newcastle 0 Tottenham 3

  • Millwall v Bolton 1-0
    Newcastle v Tottenham 0-1
    Brighton v Man City 1-3
  • Newcastle 2 Spurs 1
    Everton v Stoke 3-1
    Plymouth v Charlton 1-3
  • Everton 2 Stoke 0
    Newcastle 1 Tottenham 2
    Derby 2 Wolves 0
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