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  • Bloke with beard:

    "Cheer up Karl, if you look over there you'll see that Olivia from Love Island is in da house tonight".
  • Can't believe my new left back is older than Phil Warman
  • "Shut your eyes and pretend like your asleep"
  • "Dear Christ, please deliver me from this evil"
  • I wonder if they can see that my roots are showing?
  • Chips when I get home. Chips when I get home. Chips when I get home.
  • Aye yo this is MC Karl Robo, bringing it through, shout outs to the belgian crew!
  • "I can't believe the idiots trying to take a picture of me with a bloody woman in the way"
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  • "well that's a toughie, i'm going to need to think about that... so will Vanessa Feltz be sharing the chocolate eclairs before we do it?"
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    "Blimus, I think beardys cut the cheese!"
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    "OK all you Chairman, eyes down everything must go.... remember four corners gets you Crofts, a line gets you Bauer and a full house Watt,...... Two Fat Ladies 88, Number of Watts Clubs 31........ "
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    I'm making an urgent missing person appeal, please, if anyones seen our little Reevesy please can they let me know.
  • Crowd gathers anxiously, awaiting home kit reveal.
  • "I can't decide whether to drink from the left bottle or the right? There's only one way to find it......fiiiiiight!!!!!"
  • For Goodness sake, there are not 12,500 sitting outside in the crowd.
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    "I have been told by Katrien that today is a full house, and that the fan boycott has had absolutely no effect on attendances"
  • For what I am about to receive, may Roland make us truly thank full.
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  • Not often you see Jimmy Tarbuck, Al Pacino and Charlie Dimmock in the same room.

    I think it's Tracy Leaburn
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    "Two things, first I would like to announce that I am still truely, deeply, overjoyed with my squad budget, and secondly that this man with the beard has agreed to have a bash at playing in goal. Has anyone else brought their boots, how about you in the green....Jimmy Bullard isnt it?"
  • Neil Morrisey's looking older.
  • Dawn, I'm not happy, the Swindon lot don't like me.
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    What time does the other 2018/19 season ticket holder get here?
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    "When I wake up perhaps it will all have just been a bad dream."
  • Christ this Henry Irving bloke just dont shut up about the museum!!... Waffles on more than me!!
  • For these refreshing bottles of water we are about to drink may the lord make us truly thankful. And while we're at it Lord, can you fix it for Charlton to get a couple of wins in August. Cilla The Musical is on at the Liverpool Empire in September and it would be a lovely surprise surprise if I was still in work and could afford to take Mrs R.
  • "Get on with it, I'm missing Love Island for this"
  • not a caption but he looks like he is hanging, badly!
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