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Caption Competition


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    Robinson: You... Chris Wilder, thank you for coming... You want my player Ricky Holmes, step forward and we sort this like men!!

    Holmes: Errm is that you Chris? you look taller since Northampton, dont remember you getting a tattoo?

    Jackson: Bollocks, really do think I left the Gas on back home
  • 'OK, for your benefit i'll explain it one last time and then we all do it together put your left arm in...'
  • "You may be the Sheffield United assistant manager, but you can't expect to waltz in here and just take Ricky with you, whatever Katy said!"
  • "And you, Archie, on Thomas Driesen's instructions, are to be my 1st team captain next season."
  • You must be one of the new Tommy signings that Powelly warned me about... Right step forward and introduce yourself!!
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    What the hell is wrong with you Tone? Everyone knows Pearl Harbor is a stone cold classic!
  • Robinson: Who wants to go for a drink tomorrow? Yeah? Anyone?
    Robinson: Short notice. What about day after that? Have a beer, just... Thursday’s good. For me, anyway.
    Roninson: What’s good for you? I can still come for meetings. Who wants a meeting?
    Pearce: No one wants a meeting with you, no one wants a drink with you. You don’t even work here.
  • Robinson: who is this bloke?
    Jacko: its the world famous impersonating footballer, better known as Naby Sarr
    Pearce: oh f*** ,he better not be my new centre back partner
  • Get out! I'm mean it, get out.

    I will not have her tunnel branded around this office willy nilly!
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  • Robinson: Right that's it the next person who takes the piss out of my Tamagotchi is being fined.

    (Note: Karl's Tamagotchi is one of the original 1997 versions and is the only friend he's got. He's had it since its birth. He was given a Hatchimal Owlicorn for Christmas but it broke.)
  • "Go on, do 'Round and Round the Garden' uo me one more time. Please?"
  • "If you call my best player Russell Brand one more time, you`re out"
  • "What time do you call this, my curry should have been here 45 minutes ago!"
  • we got chickenburgers beefburgers, fries, pies, fives .. and odds
  • Ok, right ? That's five haddock and no soggy chips!
  • "Ricky, you need this guy's agent, he negotiated a 4½ year deal on 12k a week"
  • go on. pull my finger!
  • Waaaayy Muggy Mike, you made it to training.
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    Didn't you get the memo, it distinctly stated that today was a 70s theme and everybody had to wear a medallion...
  • R-A, Dats a cat that is!
  • image

    Clinton Baptiste "step into the light"

    "Right, who here can't have kids?"
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