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Sacked by poem

The owners of Shenzhen have just published a poem to announce the sacking of Sven Eriksson and return of a previous Chinese coach to replace him.

What would be your poem to say goodbye to Robinson and/or welcome your choice of new manager or coach?


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    Bullshit bollocks and lies
    Rubbish crap out your mouth no surprise
    Your gob covered for the regime
    But rarely produced more than steam
    Next in line a Belgian in disguise.

    I'd worry this isn't clear enough to understand.

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    Quite partial to a Haiku myself.....

    You’ve under-achieved.
    Please find somewhere else to work.
    It’s about results.


    That seems to be your standard,
    but not here. Goodbye.
  • There was a scouser called robbo
    Who had a massive gobbo
    He signed a no mark called clarke

    Actually, just get your coat and f@ck off.

  • A few last words, my dear old friend,
    Your days with us have reached their end.

    Things weren't so bad but should be greater,
    So all the best and see you later.

  • As boss he could not win a game
    Despite his many mates' fame
    He repeated their lies
    To look good in their eyes
    But they still made him take the blame
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    Karl oh Karl, you said you'd do the talking on the pitch,
    But all I've seen so far is you talking like a lil b****,

    When you got here you made out we'd be playing like arsenal,
    But you've spent more time off the pitch lodging your tongue up Katrien's a***hole,

    Most of us at Charlton don't like you if you know what I mean,
    So why don't you just f*** off back to your franchised team.

    When the fans go against you Roly and katrien promised you'd be backed,
    Dear Mr Robinson thanks for your services but you're sacked.

    Lots of love, Duchat & Kat.

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  • You first full season here started quite well,
    But the departure of Holmes was a real bombshell.

    Then injuries struck down Josh and Watt,
    And their replacements couldn't stop the rot.

    The thin squad proved to be a folly,
    As setbacks removed both Pearce and Solly.

    Kashi and Page were nowhere to be seen,
    While Naby Sarr was the new Mr Bean.

    The promising start was now long gone,
    As we lost again to Wimbledon.

    And soon it was time to meet your fate
    As the losing run stretched to eight.

    "With regret" started the letter, you know the score,
    It's time for Jose Riga to take over, once more!
  • Sorry scouse Karlo you gave it a go
    You opened your gob - you put on a show
    But it was plain for all us to see
    Your tactics were shite - you were taking the P
    I guess you have sussed that the Belgians are shite
    And you won't get the backing to put up a fight
    It wont take you long to exit this dive
    Please find enclosed your P45.
  • It was nice of you to give it a try,
    But now sadly we must say goodybe,
    And despite how Katrien will lie,
    Our intention's to reinstate Fraeye
  • The results under Karl have been poor,
    But I ask who could really do more?
    This regime is a joke,
    The club's gone up in smoke,
    So no shock when they showed him the door.
  • Big Karl rocked up in SE7,
    He thought he had found Heaven,
    But as the season went on,
    He knew he was wrong,
    Time to retire in Devon.
  • Farcical overseas regime,
    Force of resistance,
    Free our reds,
    Fuck off Roland.
  • Bonjour my fat scouser friend
    I regret to inform you of the end
    You tried veeery hard
    But you're a real tub of lard
    Love KM farewell, au revoir

    To be read in a dodgy Belgium accent
  • Fat scouser came to Charlton, his fortune to enhance.
    Ancient belgian potentate handed him his chance.
    Scouse blather ran unfettered, understood by few.
    The potentate's factotum told of lessons learned anew.
    Bedroom Tommy still holds sway, recruitment still awry.
    The training ground remains unchanged, without word as to why?
    Players come and players go, the costs are 'undisclosed'.
    Performance wanes, says potentate: "Scouser you're deposed."

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  • You deserve a like for using the phrase potentate's factotum.
  • With so many fans out there seething
    At the number of managers leaving
    We gave you a chance
    Cos we thought you could dance
    But your best off going back to car thieving
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