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Parking round Vanbrugh Park / Maze Hill

Have the rules changes permanently or is it just short term for the marathon?

Used to be loads of free bays off Vanbrugh Park and Wescombe Park Road once you get a bit away from the Park (i.e. Vanbrugh Park West etc). Took kids down Park today and the whole area is completely blanketed now with Mon - Sun permit holders or max 2hrs. Only option was to park in the Park.

Anyone with any knowledge?

Ps. Also heard there were new restrictions on Mayhill Rd for those parking at the game today.


  • Tall ships
  • So they were just temp restrictions?
  • Tall ships

    You won't get one of them in the parking spaces around there.
  • Tall ships

    You won't get one of them in the parking spaces around there.
    They're only tall ships, mate, it's the vikings that had longships.....
  • Whole area is permit only @AFKABartram with 2 hours free...(with extra restrictions this weekend for the tall ships).... However , on Sundays you can have free parking in Zone W (Westcombe Park)..effectively to the east of Vanbrugh a slight walk to the park etc... It costs me a couple of hundred quid a year for permits...
  • seemed a really over the top reaction for the tall ships. all those signs for zone c must of cost. I guess they're taking them down some stage this week. well, at least they better, I park round there for Charlton.
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