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Prediction Knock Out Cup Final / Johnstones Paint Prediction Final - this weekend

The big day is about to take place. From 128 entrants, only two have survived in the Prediction Knock Out Cup. Two first round losers have also battled through the Johnstones Paint Prediction for their own big day. The games take place this weekend of 1st April.

The games are:

Prediction Knock Out Cup

CHG v Cblock

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup

SaySomething v Tommo

Good luck to all four competitors. Replays, if necessary, will take place next week.

CHG's route to Wembley

Round 1 - Blackheathen v. CHG 2-3
Round 2 - Clive the addick v. CHG 0-1
Round 3 - Algarveaddick v. CHG 1-3
Round 4 - CHG v. 56yearsofdreams 4-1
Round 5 - CHG v. Saulc23 3-3
Round 5 replay - Saulc23 v. CHG 1-2
SF - CHG v Carl Leaburn 5-2

CBlock's route to Wembley

Round 1 - Low_Ears v. Cblock 1-4
Round 2 - Cblock v. Charltonnick 4-2
Round 3 - BigBadAlan v. Cblock 0-1
Round 4 - Cblock v. StrikerFirmani 6-1
Round 5 - Cblock v. Alex Wright 1-1
Round 5 replay - Alex Wright v. Cblock 2-7
SF - Cblock v Pedro45 3-2


  • Nobody remembers the semi-finalists....
  • good luck - both have had some good scores along the way.

    Anyone know who Cblock beat in the semis ?
  • His name is on the tip of my tongue
  • Tommo looking for back to back wins in the losers cup
  • Tommo looking for back to back wins in the losers cup

    Is that so? With me looking for my first Prediction silverware!

  • edited March 2017

    Tommo looking for back to back wins in the losers cup

    How many Johnstones Paint winners does anyone remember? As for the losing finalist.....
  • Here's their predictions in today's big games:


    Liverpool v Everton 1-1
    Hull v West Ham 2-1
    Leicester v Stoke 2-1


    Burnley 0 spurs 2
    Bradford 2 wallsall 0
    Southend 2 Oldham 0


    Still worrying about it


    Liverpool v Everton 2-1
    Swansea v Middlesboro 2-1
    Arsenal v Manchester City 1-2
  • I make that a 5-4 defeat for me, well played cblock, we sure did put on a show. Congratulations
  • Thanks CHG, entertaining final by both teams.
    Join me on the open top bus around the liberal club!
  • That was a close game. Well done the pair of you getting to the final.

    Congratulations cblock.
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  • Congratulations to cblock. What a game. 5-4, very worthy of our final

    In the Johnstones Paint, I make it 2-1 to @SaySomething with @tommo sweating on the Man City boys winning. If it's Man City win 2-1, @tommo takes the trophy. Correct result means a replay.
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