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Prediction Cup/Johnstones Paint Semi Final Draw (novelty draw!) and Qtr Final replay results

I'm on holiday in Northumberland this week, so there's a novelty draw for the Semi Finals - you can watch the video to find out the draw.

** Games to be played this weekend **

The draw is:

Prediction Cup Semi Finals

CHG (26) v Carl Leaburn (46)
Cblock (42) v Pedro45 (15)

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Semi Finals

Supaclive (21) v SaySomething (23)
Tommo (22) v Shirty5 (7)

@cblock had a fantastic away win to knock out @Alex Wright. There were replay wins for @CHG and @Carl Leaburn. @Pedro45 sneaked through on penalties. In the Johnstones Paint, @supaclive beat @Tavern in a tense game.

The Quarter Final replay results were:

Prediction Knock Out Cup Quarter Final replays

Alex Wright (14) v. Cblock (33) 2-7
Pedro45 (18) v. Swerve (53) 4-4 (Pedro45 wins on penalties)
Saulc23 (3) v. CHG (44) 1-2
Lewis Coaches (91) v. Carl Leaburn (25) 0-4

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Quarter Final replay

Supaclive (34) v. Tavern (80) 2-1


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