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Everyday life can be funny....and depressing

My example is UPS - if you ring them because they have cocked up again you get the usual automated rubbish - when you finally get to a point where you can speak to a real person, you have to speak a 15 digit tracking code. This includes letters and numbers and you get loads of 'we didn't get that, can you try again' and when you finally get through to them - what is the first thing they ask - yes, they ask for your tracking number! This is the modern world!

Then they tried to tell me that the address we sent flyers to doesn't exist. I googled it and told them I am looking at a picture of the property and can even tell them when it was built and what it's value is. They said it doesn't exist because it isn't on their computer. I said, I am looking at a picture of it on google. Five minutes later, I got the argumentative sod to google it and see for himself. He then started blaming the Royal Mail! I told them that they are a delivery company so can they not waste my time and do their jobs in future! Of course they won't.

Any more examples.


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