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Prediction Knock Out/Johnstone Paint replay results and draw details

Sutton's win over Leeds may have hit the headlines, but @mrbligh's win over @kevtherev was also a huge surprise as many competitors struggled this week with the surprise FA Cup results. Six games were decided on penalties unfortunately - the most for one round ever.

The draw for the 3rd round of the Prediction Knock Out Cup and the 2nd round of the Johnstones Prediction Cup will take place on Thursday 2nd February at 12.00. If you wish to watch the draw live online, details are at the bottom of this post.

The next round of games will take place this weekend.

Prediction Knock Out Cup 2nd round replay results

Bill_Stumps (34) v. 56yearsofdreams (21) 1-1 (56yearsofdreams won on penalties)
Dazzler21 (70) v. Bosseyedduck (47) 1-1 (Bosseyedduck won on penalties)
CharltonKeston (125) v. ThreadKiller (12) 0-0 (Threadkiller won on penalties)
Covered End (69) v. BigBadAlan (98) 2-4
Bigfatpete (86) v. StrikerFirmani (15) 0-0 (StrikerFirmani won on penalties)
North Lower Neil (59) v. Carl Leaburn (35) 0-1
Mrbligh (58) v. Kevtherev (1) 3-0
RedPnda (93) v. Johnnysummers5 (110) 0-2

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 1st round replays

Tommo (45) v. No.1 in South London (81) 1-0
Clive (77) v. SDAddick (124) 2-0
Badger (100) v. Oldbloke (114) 1-1 (Badger won on penalties)
Sam3110 (53) v. Seth Plum (60) 1-1 (Sam3110 won on penalties)

To watch the draw live:

Prediction Knock Out Cup Draw
Thursday, February 2, 2017
11:55 am | GMT Time (London, GMT) | 15 mins

Meeting number (access code): 842 742 778

Meeting password: clife

When it's time, join the meeting -

Join by phone
0800-051-3810 Call-in toll-free number (UK)
+44-203-478-5289 Call-in toll number (UK)
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