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Help Regarding Assets of Community Value

I know that The Valley was registered as an ACV and wondered if anyone could help with a local problem that I have.

A junior football club rents mini pitches from a (separately affiliated) senior club on land owned by the local district council. A landowner adjacent to the pitches wants to knock down some existing buildings and turn them into houses. The only access route is via a small lane that passes by the senior football club. The landowner is offering to build a car park and road for the senior football club but in doing so, the junior club's pitches will be destroyed with no alternatives offered.

Sport England object to the development on the grounds of losing pitches.

Is there anything protection or benefit that the ACV scheme offers in the case of planning permission? And is it possible for the junior club to seek an ACV?

I am not involved in the club but am a local councillor who would like to help the junior club if possible.


  • Generally, denoting a site as an ACV can only be a delaying tool in that it allows other parties to bid or sites. You may have seen this but Sport England have quite a good online tool at

  • It seems that your District council hold most of the cards - as they own the land which the junior pitches use.
    I guess they'll be happy to sell to raise funds, like most Councils starved of cash by Govenment funding cuts.

    If the land is proven to be of community value and youth activities, maybe there will be other councillors who are far-sighted to play their part in fighting the proposals in order to protect the amenity for the next generation?

    Other local people must also feel like you do.
    Form a support group to fight the plans.

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