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Budapest-any good for a weekend away?



  • I flew in to Budapest on Wizz from Warsaw. I think they fly direct from Stansted and are pretty reasonable. I came back BA.

    Naughty boy. Not meant to fly on drugs mate.
  • I had to do some business trips there 15-20 years ago and I loved it then, two separate cities either side of the river in terms of architecture and feel. On a hot summer evening sitting outside a bar by the river and just watching the fantastic looking women stroll by was a great way of passing the time,
  • Off to Budapest this weekend on a Stag do....

    Any recommendations of bars/clubs/restaurants (or ones to avoid!)?
  • Off to Budapest this weekend on a Stag do....

    Any recommendations of bars/clubs/restaurants (or ones to avoid!)?

    See my post on the first page.
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    I've just returned from a a few nights in Budapest with my wife, parents and brother and his GF, to celebrate my dad's 60th and brothers 30th's this year.

    As I used this thread and several others to plan my trip, I thought it's only fair I give a summary myself on both threads for future travellers.

    In summary, I have been fortunate enough to have visited a significant number of European cities and I think this would be very close, if not top of the tree.

    Nice weather helps and we were graced with 4 days of cloudless skies and 30+ degree temperatures.

    We ate in the following restaurants (both recommended on here) and both were superb for different reasons:

    Dunacorso restaurant - Special for the amazing backdrop of Buda Castle, plus live Hungarian music and lovely service and food. Similar to English prices but worth it.

    Lancelot's - Medieval themed restaurant and a meat lovers paradise. Huge platters and huge beer and eating with ones hands is encouraged. Photo of our incredible platter for 4 below:

    Our other meal was on a dinner cruise up the Danube - again highly recommended more for the cruise than the food per-se, but the food (buffet style) was still fine -


    Can highly recommend this Segway tour of the City:

    None of the 6 of us had used one before, so were mildly apprehensive (esp Mum and Dad) but a training session gets you comfortable and away you go. We paid for the two hour down-town tour, but incredibly ended up with 3 hours for no extra cost. It was just us 6 and the young guide was fantastic (knowledgeable, passionate, great English and enthusiastic) and it's probably one of the best things i've ever done.

    Likewise the thermal spa's at széchenyi spa including a beer spa:

    The all-in package get you 45mins in the beer spa, plus access to the normal thermal spa (20+ pools indoor and outdoor) for as long as you want, plus changing cabins. It was clean, well organised and excellent fun and relaxing.

    Other than that, we just wondered, took in the other tourist sights, ate and drank in this beautiful city.

    Oh and a shout out to the ruin bars too which were great fun.

    The terror museum was okay, but could be presented better and lacks enough English explanations, but informative and chilling enough.

    On the last day, we visited the amazing Margaret's island (in the middle of the Danube - What a fantastic family friendly oasis it was. Immaculately kept, free, nice restaurants and bars, nice walks and gardens, a mini-zoo, an impressive singing and dancing fountain, another huge thermal outdoor pool. Loved it and was the perfect chilled end to the trip.

    This City suits a couples break, family or even a stag or hen, as it has something for everyone. We all absolutely loved it!
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