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Prediction Knock Out Cup 1st round - Draw Results

As a New Year begins, the Prediction Knock Out Cup begins as well. The first games will take over the weekend of January 7th. The draw will be made live online on Monday 2nd January at 10am (details are at the bottom of this post). The rules are the same as previous years. The top 128 entrants in the Prediction League on Christmas Day will be entered into the Cup. Each will be drawn against another entrant. You have do nothing different. Scores from League games will count in the Cup game against the opponent you have drawn. Winners of each round will continue to their next round. Losers in the 1st round will be entered into the Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup. If you draw, the game will go to a replay the following week. If both games are drawn, the player with the higher league position goes through to the next round unless the higher placed competitor has posted the same predictions as his or her opponent after the opponent had made his/her predictions. There is one difference from the league. If you do not make your predictions, you will score 0. The draw will be posted on this thread on Monday.

To view the draw, follow these instructions:

Prediction Knock Out Cup 1st round draw
Monday, January 2, 2017
10:00 am | GMT Time (London, GMT) | 10 mins

Meeting number (access code): 840 767 873

Meeting password: clife

Link to watch draw online:

Join by phone
0800-051-3810 Call-in toll-free number (UK)
+44-203-478-5289 Call-in toll number (UK)

The 128 entrants are:

Shirty5 (1)
Cafc4life (2)
Macronate (3)
Alex Wright (4)
Taxi_Lad (5)
Algarveaddick (6)
Kevtherev (7)
Robroy (8)
Charlton_Stu (9)
Covered end junior (10)
LenGlover (11)
Nicholas (12)
SheffieldRed (13)
Sonicstud85 (14)
Tutt-Tutt (15)
Bill_Stumps (16)
Bournemouth Addick (17)
StrikerFirmani (18)
Supaclive (19)
Addick Addict (20)
CAFCspooney (21)
OrpingtonRED (22)
Paddy Powell (23)
Redlanered (24)
Thai malaysia addick (25)
Bedsaddick (26)
Redmidland (27)
ThreadKiller (28)
Leftbehind (29)
SaySomething (30)
T.C.E (31)
Viewfinder (32)
56yearsofdreams (33)
Carl Leaburn (34)
Creepyaddick (35)
Foresthillred (36)
Lancashire Lad (37)
Terry Naylor (38)
Tor (39)
Walshiesleftfoot (40)
Cypriot_addick (41)
Hamlet (42)
MrOneLung (43)
Tavern (44)
Tommo (45)
Webbja77 (46)
Beardface (47)
North Lower Neil (48)
Saulc23 (49)
Sillybilly (50)
Bellz2002 (51)
CHG (52)
Clive (53)
Dannoo_86 (54)
Eaststandmike (55)
Gumbo (56)
Raplhmilne (57)
WestSussexAddick (58)
Big_Bob (59)
ChicagoAddick (60)
Ellisaddick (61)
IdleHans (62)
Sam3110 (63)
Throughthickandthin (64)
Johnnybev1987 (65)
Pedro45 (66)
Seth Plum (67)
Stackitsteve (68)
Vff (69)
Addicked2TheReds (70)
Addix (71)
Boysie (72)
Cblock (73)
Clive the addick (74)
GoOnYouHaddocks (75)
MrLargo (76)
Oohaahmortimer (77)
Theeenorth (78)
Addict_ted (79)
Jdsd42 (80)
Mrbligh (81)
Swerve (82)
The Red Robin (83)
AFKABartram (84)
Badger (85)
Bangkokaddick (86)
BertieB (87)
Blackheathen (88)
Bosseyedduck (89)
Charltonnick (90)
Covered End (91)
Dansk_Red (92)
Dazzler21 (93)
Stonemuse (94)
Charltontotty (95)
Elthamaddick (96)
Karim_myBagheri (97)
Low_Ears (98)
No.1 in South London (99)
AddicksAddict (100)
Bigfatpete (101)
Chezzafromcharlton (102)
Covered_End_Lad (103)
Johnnysummers5 (104)
Rananegra (105)
Sarge1g (106)
Seabros (107)
Starinnaddick (108)
Valleyman1973 (109)
Addick1965 (110)
Addickted2U (111)
Cafcsinger (112)
Chrissy\\\'s Army!!! (113)
Croydonaddick (114)
Jakecafc (115)
Lewis Coaches (116)
Oldbloke (117)
RedPanda (118)
Thommo (119)
AidenTheAddick (120)
C4fcdenmark (121)
SDAddick (122)
SouthWest_Addicks (123)
CharltonKeston (124)
BigBadAlan (125)
Charente addick (126)
Hornchurch (127)
Tajaddick (128)

GOOD LUCK (unless you get drawn against me!)


  • The draw takes place at 2am local time for me. ::contemplates waking up that early to watch a draw for something he'll almost certainly be knocked out in the first round of::
  • Excitement of the draw in 5 minutes. The balls for the home team will be drawn by Katrien. They will be coloured in by Roland.
  • Eyes down for a full house.

    Would say we are playing for a line, but that will give false hope for all the sniffers on here...
  • edited January 2017
    The above games will take place this coming weekend. Any replays will take place the following week. The 64 winners will progress to the 2nd round and the 64 losers will have the indignity of playing in the Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 1st round.

    I'll start packing my bags for Chicago.
  • Tough first round match @AFKABartram .you playing the kids or going strong?
  • Addick1965 (110) v. Nicholas (12)

    Oh Bollocks :open_mouth:
  • edited January 2017
    Largo as in Thunderball or the Simpsons?!?!?!
  • edited January 2017
    Drawn at home to @leftbehind, only 2 places separate us in the league, gonna have to put out my strongest first 11 I think!!
  • Phew. At least I avoided @LenGlover, that bloke has a better record against me than the Spanners have over Charlton.

    Bring your A-game @Bedsaddick I fancy myself for a run all the way to the second round this year!
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  • Phew. At least I avoided @LenGlover, that bloke has a better record against me than the Spanners have over Charlton.

    Bring your A-game @Bedsaddick I fancy myself for a run all the way to the second round this year!

    And I've got him instead. Big money home tie against the 11th seed. @LenGlover back your bags for Eugene, Oregon my friend. We're expecting snow and freezing temperatures this weekend, and I'm going to have the ground staff tear up the prediction boards to keep you from playing your tiki taka big money predictions.
  • cafc4life said:

    Tough first round match @AFKABartram .you playing the kids or going strong?

    Get ready to be banned @cafc4life :-)
  • Bleedin' 'ell! Trust me to get the number one seed!
  • Seeing I had 31 against my name I thought you were announcing our ages, then I saw @Redmidland was 27 and realised it must be inside leg measurement. ;)
  • Can't ask for more than a home draw
  • Largo as in Thunderball or the Simpsons?!?!?!


    Theeenorth as in Barnsley or The Arctic?!
  • Feels like Arctic tonight and Lancs not Yorks.
    Getting my jet pack and spear gun ready.
  • Someone never shuffled the balls, 55 v 56? :wink:
  • Someone never shuffled the balls, 55 v 56? :wink:

    A bit like drawing Huddersfield away
  • edited January 2017
    Haha! I get lumbered with the single nelson 111.
    Good job I ain't superstitious!
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  • Bump. Good luck all this weekend.
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