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two new strikers on the way?

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Pretty good signings but i think Billy Sharp would have been better for a few extra quid.

two signings soon?


  • ive heard earnshaw for 3 and a half million and scott carson n 9 million for darren bent
  • Both have scored goals at CCC level and with a better defence and midfield (in theory) than at their previous clubs both should score goals next season.

    Of the two Iwelumo looks to be opportunism, a cheap Bosman at the the end of his contract, while Varney, at 24, looks to be a decent long-term prospect, but how long before we get asked if he's any relation to the MD...
  • I should add...I think that means that Darren Bent is off, and hopefully another striker will come in, Earnshaw would be a good signing, another who has scored plenty at CCC level - 26 in 44 games for Norwich.
  • My first post on here ! I think Varney and Iwulemo will certainly help score goals at CCC level but what if we bounce straight back ? They wont hack it in the prem and we will be back to sq 1
  • welcome SHG.

    I think we've got to adopt a 'getting out of here' strategy before we start planning for the future. Get us a team that will get us promoted, and then get another one that will keep us up.
  • exactly AFKA, Sunderland didn't get a team to challenge the Prem, they got one to do a job in the ccc, and that's exactly what they've done.
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    but the difference is sunderland have now got £40 million to spend to completely revamp the squad and get it right from the premiership, on the other hand, birmingham, who have adopted similar tactics of buying championship players to get them up (Vine, Danns, Jerome etc.) will not have that cash and will probably struggle massively next season with a squad of premiership all-so-rans and championship players, with moderate investment.

    without massive investment a la sunderland to turn over the squad in between championship and premiership, the key is a balance in what you do after relegation, we need a squad comprised of a mix between proven premiership who will be a cut above in the championship, young players who will serve you well this year and then stand a good chance of holding their own in the premiership and players who you can discard after they do their job this year.

    West Ham under pardew did this to a tee - Pardew signed EXACTLY the right kind of players to do the job exactly when they were required to, time to see if he can pull it off again and blend the likes of the Reo Cokers and Zamoras with the Malky Mackays and Brian Deanes to get us out
  • We have to be realistic and focus on bringing in players to get us out of the CCC, regardless of whether or not they are good enough for the Prem.
    If we get back to the Prem we get 30 million straight away from the TV money so we can use that to upgrade the side and offload the CCC specialists.
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