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One time CAFC youth poached by Chelsea .. he's on loan at Huddersfield who are playing tonight @Norwich and look far the better team, they are leading 2-1 as I type this ..

Palmer is absolutely dominating the midfield, pacey, brave, can make a pass, looks to be the complete player in the making


  • I believe he scored for Huddersfield last week
  • he just does not stop running and chasing
  • Head was turned unfortunately
  • Signed for Chelsea because they could offer him and his family a lifestyle that could not be matched.

    Great talent and a decent lad. Hope he breaks through at Chelsea but recent history suggests he will not.
  • All down to sky money !!
  • Personally I hope he has a good career don't begrudge him moving at all
  • Shows what a CM with a bit of pace can do. Faced with Crofts you just tap it past him and there's one less player to defend against your attack.
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  • Was on the other week against wigan. Was crap in that match.
  • The good thing thing about him having already gone is that, Roland won't be getting any money.
  • Was at Carrow Road last night and picked out Palmer as the best player on the pitch. Didn't realize he was a Charlton academy product.
  • Kasey Palmer was one of the top players I have seen come through the Academy in over twenty years of watching the youngsters. He deserves to be playing regularly in the Premiership. He is wasted at Chelsea.
  • Curb_It said:

    This Leeds based Huddersfield town is the most unlikeable away fan to frequent here in my view.

    Why what's wrong with his post? Seems fairly reasonable to me.
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  • A pleasure to watch Palmer is, as are we (even during our bad run of results apart from Fulham who tore us apart). No chance of keeping him though which is always the long-term risk with loan Players. He is one of many, many Players benefiting from the football environment that Wagner and his coaching staff have created.

    For us up here, it is absolutely astonishing the transformation at our football Club since the new Manager walked in through the door a little over 12 months ago.

    Just shows you what can be achieved with a positive environment where your Manager believes in his Players (regardless of budgets or who the opposition is as we have the 4th lowest budget in the division) and importantly sets us up to have a go and try and win every match.

    I will still take a top half finish, be happy with that. We have no right really to expect any more when you look at the Teams in the division and their squads littered with expensive Premier League quality Players.

    Seen a few games at Carrow Road this season (I get freebies) and thought Huddersfield were the best I've seen so far.
    Norwich had millions of pounds worth of players not in the squad Pritchard, Klose and Naismith on the bench.
  • redman said:

    Couldn't give a shit if he does well. In fact hope he fails miserably. A much better message to youngsters that staying a a lower club can do better for their career in the long term.

    Lol. Pathetic.
  • He'll probably end up like Chalobah, play for several Championship clubs over a few seasons then get in the first team squad at Chelsea to be used as the injury time sub to run the clock down.

  • Apologies I didn't mean a discussion on Kasey Palmer to go off on a Powell topic.
  • Curb_It said:

    Apologies I didn't mean a discussion on Kasey Palmer to go off on a Powell topic.

    all roads lead to Jerusalem as all posts lead to Powell (or Meire/Duchatelet/CARD)
  • Curb_It said:

    His constant digs at Powell. His waffling on the other week in a thread about us basically being unreasonable in our protests and lecturing us, It appeared to me he didn't really know much about why we were doing it. When people much more able than me furnished him with facts he disappears.

    Not a fan.

    Pretty much comes on here to brag. He's one step up the rival fan ladder from Matt_Himself.
  • Shat Byhimself is the biggest waste of skin I have cum come across....
  • Curb_It said:

    This Leeds based Huddersfield town is the most unlikeable away fan to frequent here in my view.

    Agree. I like fans from other clubs who come here and add interesting comments. We have a thread on Kasey Palmer and he turns it into a dig on a Charlton legend. Pathetic.
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