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A Song For Roland - Some Festive Fun

I'll kick off with these from my misspent youth,

Stupidity - Solomon Burke
I'm A Nut - Leroy Pullins
Welcome To My World - Jim Reeves
Hello Goodbye - The Beatles
They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon X1V


  • All the Madmen - David Bowie
    Asylum - Disturbed
    Basket Case - Green Day
  • I did it my way
  • I'm always right - The Pigeon Detectives
  • I'm a Fucking Genius - Supersuckers
  • Stig said:

    It might need a bit of work but...

    On the twelfth day of Christmas old Two Shats gave to me:
    12 chips per portion
    11 piggies flying
    10 squeezy stress balls
    9 nervous nightmeires
    Who 8 all the vol-au-vents
    7 sacked coaches
    6 times getting better
    5 beach balls
    4 unbadged goons
    3 years of hell
    2 duck-taped shoes
    and an absolutely rotten goalie

    Cracking effort @Stig
  • For those who think that things can get better under Roland's ownership:
    The Stranglers - Something Better Change

    For those who don't:
    The Moody Blues - Go Now

    Anna, great shout for Go Now, but please, please check out the superlative original version by the American soul diva, Bessie Banks.

    Recorded in 1964 for the Red Bird label it is one of the great deep soul records of all time.

    The M B's should be eternally ashamed they tried to pass it off as their own.
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  • I'm dreaming of the old Charlton,
    Just like the one I used to know.
    Where the three points glisten,
    And owners listen,
    And we see Benty scoring goals!
  • Away in a manger,
    No crib for a bed,
    The little lord Jesus woke up and he said,
    Weeeeeeeee hate Roland and we hate Roland, we hate Roland and we hate Roland, we hate Roland and we hate Roland. We are the Roland haters
  • Katriene, are you listening?
    Fuck off home, we're all singing,
    Cos we're making a stand,
    Now fuck off with Roland,
    We ain't the customers, we're the fans!
  • The owners right now are frightful,
    And the CEO is spiteful,
    The Valley's our place to go,
    So fuck of home, Fuck off home, Fuck off home
  • Yeah, I'm that bored
  • The old traffic song 'Hole in my Shoe' seems quite appropriate?
  • To the tune of Another Brick in the Wall:

    We don't need your, experimentation
    We don't need Network control
    No Katrien Meire in the Boardroom

    Hey, Roland, leave our club alone

    All in all we wish you'd ......Just go and buy Millwall
  • The Meire And The Damage Done (or something like that) Neil Young
  • Happy bloomin Christmas.....................

    O come all ye faithful,
    Come down to The Valley,
    O come ye, O come ye,
    To dy-stop-ia

    Come and behold the
    In-ept manage-ment team
    Oh come let us extract them
    O come let us extract them
    O come let us extract them
    Far from our club

    Sing Covered end choir
    Sing in exasperation
    Sing all that can out in the East and the West
    Give to our wishes that they should just piss o-o-off

    Oh come let us extract them
    Oh come let us extract them
    O come let us extract them
    Far from our club!!

    Right - off to MK Dons!!
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Roland Out Forever!