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Glitch when attaching pics?

I drafted this weeks beat the bookie thread last night and not for the first time, when I inserted the table as an image, it appeared multiple times.
Has anyone else had this issue or is it something my end.

I do realise by posting both "inserted" and "my end", I've left myself (not literally) open to ridicule.


  • It's been like it a while . When I was posting the pics from the Coventry game each time I put a new one on It multiplied . I had to delete all but the first code every time. It was a pain.
  • yes I have this with the Statbank, it's been happening for a couple of weeks, it was 10 sets of images but now down to 5, I did report it. All you have to do is delete the unwanted ones which is a bit hit and miss to start with but if you use preview it helps understand which lines to delete by trial and error - well that's how I did it.
  • Not just you but it is intermittent.
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