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Caption Competition



  • Bald bloke writes stuff.
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    Dear Points of View,

    That new Are You Being Served was f***ing sh*t.

    Kind regards,

    Russell, Charlton.
  • As he had promised Roland he would get Charlton into a European competition within the next three years Russell was spending two hours a day trying to come up with a suitable song
  • I would like to apply to become a member of CARD.
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    Manager's log, Wednesday 7th September
    Still no midfield.
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    Dear Roland, it's with regret that I write this but I didn't realise when I took the job what a c#nt you was.
  • Right Sue, give this list to Chris and no peeking, I don't want you spreading rumours on faceache!
  • Day 979,
    He's still here
    Oh fuck
  • Manager's log.

    I think this is something @carter might be interested in!
  • Dear Alou, I hope you're enjoying your retirement...
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    Dear Deidre,

    I've been in my current relationship for 4 months now and get the impression my employers are lying to me.

    They promised that I'd only be here 3 months and then I could go to Sint Truiden.

    Normally I wouldn't stoop so low as to going to Sainsbury's, but my mobility scooter battery runs out if I attempt to go any further. And if I'm honest, I love the noise the scooter makes when it comes off the ramp to the car park. This wouldn't have to happen if I got more than 14 chips on a match day.

    I actually love the scooter, particularly when Rojo sits in the basket at the front - we pretend we're doing a remake of ET. Then he screams "Russ take me home you f*cking c*nt", and the moment is ruined.

    Its not all bad though, the generous fit clothing range that the club shop produce is great.

    Please help.

    Yours, Russell 55 (stone), from Charton.
  • "Dear Jonathan, thank you for the list of 452 players I should sign"

    Official winner with 10 LOLS goes to @killerandflash
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    OK then - so you want me just to fill in the dotted lines and sign my name and you'll take care of the rest ? No problem I know I can trust you.

    THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me.............
    1. I revoke all previous wills made by me

    2. Subject to the payment of my debts funeral expenses and administration expenses I give all my estate both real and personal to xxxxxxx xxxxx and appoint her sole executrix of this my will.

    Signed by the said........... (signature of testator) as his last will in the presence of us [Signature of first witness] both being present at the same time who at his request and in his presence and in the presence[Signature of second witness] of each other have hereunto hereunto signed our names as witnesses.
  • There's no point writing to Ms Meire requesting a new sweatshirt. Ms Meire says that she knows that the Charlton badge looks silly when it is held on by Velcro, but it does cover up Chris Wilder's initials completely.
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