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Ten and half things you never knew about...Walsall

Walsall is not in Poland but rather is just off the motorway near Birmingham. You can see it from your car when you are driving somewhere more interesting.

Walsall fans are still bitter about a game against Charlton in 1963 that was called off when it was 0 - 0 which would have kept them up and sent us down. We won the re-arranged game 2 - 1

Walsall was home to the leather industry and many locals still insist on wearing leather trousers and vests and peaked caps adorned with chains while sporting bushy moustaches or maybe that was just the pub we ended up in.

Local landmark Barr Beacon is the highest point on its latitude going east until the Ural Mountains in Russia

Walsall has a population of 170,994 compared to the 14,385 who live in Charlton.

Per head per population doctors in Walsall prescribe more Viagra that anywhere else in the UK


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    The name "Walsall" is actually an abbreviated version of the original place name, which was "Worse-than-all", which was due to the fact the town is worse than all the other towns near it. The thick local accent had trouble saying that coherently, however, and Walsall is what the town ended up being called.
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    The name Walsall derives from a Los Angeles born Millwall supporter visiting the town with his live in girlfriend and their 15 children in the year 1002.

    Because he was so infatuated with the Lions, whenever he was spoken to by the locals, he would simply reply 'Wall S'all, as in 'Millwall and that's all.'

    Due to the number of fights the family was involved in internally, the locals quickly became scared and in an effort to placate the feuding clan, named their previously nameless town Walls'all. Over the years, the apostrophe was dropped but the town still has fond memories of Arthur Garcia-Martinez.
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    Pete Waterman (Stock, Aitken and Waterman) is a Walsall fan....
  • Walsall is the only club of the 92 with 3 Ls in their name. Walsall's nearest two neighbours also both begin with W.
  • A new bus station was opened in Walsall in 2001
  • With Charlton's recent managerial appointment, Walsall born Slade frontman Noddy Holder has split loyalties. "Let's Call it Quits" he was heard singing, hoping for a draw.
  • The town is incorrectly pronounced WALL S-ALL by the rest of the UK.

    Locals use the correct pronunciation WOW SAL which correlates back to 1822 when local knee-trembler Sally McClunge had too much stout and decided to put on a bit of a show at a local Inn.

    Sticky Vicky of Benidorm fame is the great great great granddaughter of McClunge, and her (and now her daughter) have continued the unusual family forte until this day
  • Founded in 1888 as Walsall Town Swifts, the name soon changed to just Walsall Town due to the 'built for comfort' players who were anything but swift. Just two years later they became Walsall F.C. The F.C. bit does not mean Football Club (because they were still fielding salad dodgers).
  • Walsall Railway Station has one side of it's single platform facing the railway tracks, and the other alongside the Grand Union Canal, so that produce could be shifted easily from barge to train and get quicker to market.
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  • In Walsall there is an arboretum. It has a lake in the centre of it and lots of trees and grass land surrounding it.

    Many people go to relax, walk their dog and fish.
  • Walsall has a leather museum because in the past, Walsall was famous for making leather saddles for horses. Walsall also makes leather hand bags for the queen! You can visit the leather museum and make lots of different items using the leather tools.
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