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If Charlton ruled the world....

I'd probably be doing some serious time. Maybe on death row.

Tony Keohane would be some kind of loyal game of thrones king (never seen it)

"Bitter ex employees" would be assassinated and perhaps when they least expected it.

Sue Parkes would be just about famous enough to enter big brother (er)

Forget that for a moment.

South eastern would be even more shit.

History would be re-written. Actually it would just get forgotten about and not taught at schools, no one no longer cares about the subject... all of a sudden.

If your over 40...guess what, ya f*cked.

Cinemas advertise their films as "your tickets are only a 3rd of the revenue stream....if you don't like the film don't f*cking come".
Don't even know what the film is?


  • Every day would be the first day of spring?
  • Cue for a song...........'Every day would be the worst to day of winter'
  • Argh the world Charltonised! It would be like a very large Charlton Transfer Rumour thread. Lots of chat and innuendo but very little activity. Just thinking about it is making me dizzy, I think I need a lay down
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