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Vivean Gray, AKA Mrs Mangel - RIP

Actress Vivean Gray who played Mrs Mangel in Neighboughs has passed away aged 92. I didn't watch Neighboughs avidly but I very much knew of her.


  • I remember her in the Sullivans as well.
  • I remember her in the Sullivans as well.

    Bloody hell yeh...

  • Awww very sad , grew up watching Neighbours remember her very well! RIP Mrs Mangel

  • RIP

    Postman Pat's died as well. RIP

  • Great in Picnic at Hanging Rock. RIP
  • Did she ever do prisoner cell block H? Susan from neighbors was in that. I think a few Aussie women of that age who acted were in it. A bit like the Bill or casualty for aspiring Eastenders actors as an equivalent over here
  • RIP Mrs M. Great character. Used to watch Neighbours religiously as a teenager, thru Uni and for the first 3 years I worked until I started working in London.

    Remember her in the Sullivans too. Used to be on TV at lunchtimes when my Mum brought me home for lunch at infant school. Must have been very early 80s.

    Yes, she was in Cell Block H too. That was cult viewing for us Uni students. Every Thursday night, straight after Carnal Knowledge which starred a very young Graham Norton.
  • Bloody hell. Mrs Mangle. 92 - decent inninngs that.
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  • Great character in a purple patch for the show. Loved Neighbours back then. Don't watch it now, but evidently Paul Daniels is still in it.
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    Didn't Mrs Mangle have the bookish/nerdy niece or something. Who one episode took off her glasses and stuck some waves in her hair and became incredibly fit?
  • Used to come home during school lunch hour to watch neighbours.
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