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CL Euro 2016 Prediction Game



  • Winners . England
    Runners up Germany
    Top scorer KANE
    player of tournament Dele ALLI
    Northern Ireland v Germany 0-5
    England final winners
    surprise team Poland
    Biggest underachievers Belgium and Holland.
  • Winners: Belgium
    Runners-Up: France
    Top Scorer: Harry Kane(aldo)
    Player of the Tournament: Uh-ooooooh Dele Alli
    Highest Score (& Fixture): England 4 Wales 3
    How far will England go: Semi-Final out on Pens.
    Surprise Team: Wales
    Biggest Underachievers: Spain.
  • Winners: Germany
    Runners-Up: Spain
    Top Scorer: Giroud
    Player of the Tournament:
    Highest Score (& Fixture):
    How far will England go: Quarter Finals
    Surprise Team: Turkey
    Biggest Underachievers: Sweden
  • Just out of curiosity, how are people getting France v Germany final?

    Assuming they both in their groups, they won't be able to play in the final against one another.
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