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NEWS Name Change for South London Club

Jolly Doom reports

The club are delighted to announce that from now on Charlton Athletic Football Club will now be known as Katrien Meire Fan Club. “It has and always will be about me” said the 31 year old lawyer “I’ve been unfairly criticized in the past about not spending enough time doing my job, and to be quite honest for once, the running of a football club has been at odds with my real role of self-promotion”
“This change” she wined on “is unique, and will allow me to do exactly what I want without having to worry myself about what old fat people think”
“They would write to me complaining about the way the club was being run, well football is boring what do they expect, and moan about by disregard for history, well that’s boring as well, it’s up to me to educate them on the one thing that is of any interest and that’s me.”
“They say that 14 chips is shit and a rip off, but that’s more than enough and will stop them from getting fat and having horrible hair, I’ve had to employ security guards as some people that smell are getting too near to me”
Asked whether there would be any chance of a football team being fielded at all during the forthcoming season, she shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes and gurned her face.
Roland Duchatelet is 95


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