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Parking at Man City (Etihad)

Hi there,

I'm driving up to City next Sunday for the England v Turkey game and wondered if anyone has any parking suggestions from any previous visits up there, as I didn't make it up there for any of our games in the Prem, unlike the numerous trips to the fantastic Maine Road.

Game won't finish till 7pm on the Sunday and with a long drive back, anywhere for a quick get-away would be ideal, even if it costs more.



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    One of the worst with extensive resident parking. There was a pay car park behing the veladrome but other than that not sure. Will probably have changed a lot since we were there in any case. Good luck.
  • No idea about parking nearby but if you park up the tramline from the stadium you might be OK. Trams back towards Manchester City Centre will have queues for hours but the opposite direction should be OK.
  • it used to be so easy at Maine Road. park up right near the ground and give a pound to the first local youth to appear on his bmx offering to look after you car for you
  • Park in the city centre and get a bus or tram to the ground, either only 10 mins or so.
    Parking around the ground is so restricted it's not worth bothering with - enjoy!
  • Pellegrinos space is empty:-)
  • Briscoe Lane opposite the Cemetery there is all small industrial estate. Used to be a fiver to park, 10 minute walk to Eastlands.
  • I was there for both the Real Madrid and PSG matches and if anything, the parking and getting away from the ground has got much worse since our prem visits. Get it wrong and city's ground can be a Meire to get away from. Put M11 3FF in to google maps then have a look south of Ashton New Road. Palmerston St and Every St are good roads to head for, loads of street parking on them and the side roads off them. For a proper quick getaway, try to park down the bottom ends as close as possible to the A635 Great Ancoats St which is the road you need to get away and to head south. Only a 10/15 minute walk to the ground but well worth it. Obviously street parking availability in this area will be dependent on how early you arrive. The other option is to dump the motor in a car park near piccadilly train station and walk which takes about half hour or jump the tram if its not too busy. Trams run direct from Piccadilly train station to the ground.
  • Thanks for all the responses guys!!
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