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If the Bard had been around watching this Charlton saga

Was thinking the other day, as I was reading about old Will, that the current Charlton mess has all the ingredients for a cracking Shakespeare play, what with a despot owner, lackeys and lickspittles, paltroons, nincompoops, rapscallions and Mandy. ;-)
It is not that often you get so many ****s ( fill in word of your own choice) characters in such a relatively small space.
And there are so many moments for hyperbole, irony, iambic pentameter, satire, comedy, imagery, metaphor simile and Mandy ;-)
For instance, Shakespeare might have enjoyed the irony of a CEO who proclaims loudly that now she will endeavour to work with supporters on issues, but then suddenly attends a meeting with said peasants, but she is flanked by bodyguards that none may interrupt the jollity on her table.

So hear are a few titles, there are much greater wits on this site that me, the Bard meets RD, anyone got any others:

As Roland Likes It

Titus Duck's Arse

'King Liar

Comedy of Errors

Twelfth Man

Winter's Fail

Odd Fellow


  • The Merchant of Greenwich

    Juliars Caesar


    A midsummers nightmare

    The taming of the Duche

    Much ado about nothing to see here
  • (A steaming pile of) Richard III
  • as flies to wanton boys are we to Roly hed close us down for his sport
  • If he attended POTY.

    " first course, first course,my kingdom for a first course"
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    Is this a dagger beach ball which I see before me
  • I wish Roly and his bird were Bard.
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  • The Merry Lies Of Meire.
  • Katrien -
    "Roly though, oh Roly though, where for art thou Roly oh,
    Get out my owner, crowds chant your name,
    Or if thou will not, but be sworn at my love,
    I'll no longer be your Chief Exec."
  • Is this a dagger which I see before me?

    No, they've got relegated to the National league

  • It's all falling to into place now. It's all a conspiracy!

    King Lear Act III Scene IV
    Child Rowland to the dark tower came;
    His word was still
    Fie, foh, and fum!
    I smell the blood of a British man.
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