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Sofa Alternative

In the April Fans Forum minutes, Katrien has said that as part of their learning from mistakes and planning for next season they're working with Target 20K to investigate sofa alternatives.

I thought it would be useful for the SMT if we could have a brainstorm here for some alternatives in the spirit of Pinocchio's statement that "communications between the club and supporters have not broken down"

I'll get the ball rolling -

Stocks - each week a different member of the SMT watch the game from the stocks, while the North Stand throw club-provided rotten tomatoes at them. This serves multiple purposes, as well as improving the matchday experience for the customers it also keeps the objects thrown from the stands away from the pitch and focused on Katrien's smirking mug.

Jacuzzi - open to females only, Dickie Murray chooses two ladies each week from the pie cam to sit either side of him in the hot tub while he kicks back with his aviators on, arms around them gangster style.

Any more?


  • How about a pitch side stool?

    The stool football happening on the pitch would make the seat bearer really feel part of the action.

  • Political hot potato - fans discuss middle eastern countries whilst sat in a giant jacket potato

  • Nug said:

    I've got a great idea for a Sofa Alternative... Everyone buys a ticket for a seat in the stands and thats where they sit!!

    Serious suggestion only please
    Sorry get too carried away sometimes with my silly ideas :)
  • image

    Free half time psychoanalysis, "So tell me, why do you think you still come to The Valley even though it gives you no pleasure..?"

    Excellent idea... Dont even need one of those chairs to lay out as can just lay across the whole of my empty row.
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  • A bank of commodes?
  • Fiiiiiish said:

    How about a pitch side stool?

    The stool football happening on the pitch would make the seat bearer really feel part of the action.

    A very polite way of saying a pitch side sh*t Fiiiiish
  • Three of these in the boardroom?
  • Sybian machine?
  • Very funny!
  • @LouisMend is running a poll on Twitter - currently "an actual toilet" is just edging out an electric chair...
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  • A fence, for those who can't decide whether they just want to attend and watch football or not put another penny into RD's pocket.
  • Electric chair.
  • Pedal powered dildo machine
  • A bed, maybe ?
  • Highchairs for all of Roland's children !
  • A water butt and a composter....for all the veggies :wink:
  • I think what I posted on the ideas for target 20k thread would work.

    If they were to get KM to go on the pitch at half time and publicly 'stick her fucking sofa up her arse' (sideways optional) I think we would get 20000 in the ground!

    We could adapt this and use a different item of household furniture each week!
  • A sauna, a panic room, a sofa chair type thing, erm I don't know, appropriate alternatives to a sofa, there are not that many.

    How about this... why does it need a replacement/alternative. It was fine the way it was. I loved that little spot of nothing.
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