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Tommo wins Prediction Knock Out Cup. Johnstones Paint final goes to replay.

Congratulations to @tommo who becomes the third winner of the Prediction Knock Out Cup with a 4-1 win over @North Lower Neil. The turning point came when Vardy was sent off with Leicester winning 1-0. At that point, @North Lower Neil's prediction was heading for three points. Bournemouth's late consolation goal turned @tommo's prediction from 1 point to 3 points.

In the Johnstones Paint final, @Addick Addict drew 2-2 with @Paddy Powell. In that game, victory was snatched from @Addick Addict's grasp due to that late Bournemouth goal. They will replay next week and again the week after, if necessary.


Prediction Knock Out Cup Final

Tommo v North Lower Neil 4-1

Johnstones Paint Final

Paddy Powell v Addick Addict 2-2


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