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New CARD Video: Pre-Birmingham promo



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    Saw this earlier on LinkedIn ... very good

    love the beachball at the start :smiley:
  • The protesting and 'fighting' for our club is the part of the week that I look forward to - used to be the match but they seem to be a naff pre protest warm up nowadays!
  • Great video !

    " Bounce in a minute, I'm gonna bounce in a minute ! "
  • First 3 seconds and I'm already loving it.
    Under Pressure.
  • Very, very good. Murray what a complete plum you are. Although I want Roland out desperately I'd be gutted if a consortium headed by Murray bought him out.
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  • That is a really good video. Well done :-)
  • Another quality vid imo
  • Class Act! well done to all involved :)
  • Great Vid, keep the pressure up ? Increase the pressure :-)
  • Fantastic, I think the best video yet
  • If only u could get it on the big screen during the match.....
  • Great video, as ever. Love the animated beach ball. It reminded me of this:
  • Cant wait to see what is planned this weekend, even those in the know aren't this week it is all top secret.
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  • Great video! I felt the most anger when Murray came on.....
  • fantastic, another win for CARD
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    I was going to suggest this song but I though it would be obvious to anyone who wasn't a rather sad attention seeking stalker but that really isn't my style so I'll leave that to others.

    :- )
  • Lol! "Sad attention seeking stalker" - nice one Benny.

    But, alas, you're flattering yourself again - although you do seem to attract them for some reason. (And, be honest, I'm nothing like some of your other "fans")
  • terrible, terrible song especially when you could have used this

    Now withdrawing all support for protests as a result.

    Roland's red and white army

    Chune, Henry. Don't slam the door on your way out ;-)
  • C4FC4L1f3 said:

    Cant wait to see what is planned this weekend, even those in the know aren't this week it is all top secret.

  • cabbles said:

    Great video

    I had to laugh at Roland's comment about building a relationship with the fan base

    Little did we know then that he meant he was going to visit us in prison after he has gotten us all locked up?? :wink:
  • That's brilliant. So pleased that there is so much talent behind C.A.R.D - obviously including some folks with top video editing skills!

    I think that the message comes across so well when it directly puts quotes from Roly et al up against the harsh reality of how low things have sank under their wise stewardship.
  • Very clever, and very, very slick, well done.

    Once Operation Roland Out is complete, C.A.R.D. should offer their services for grassroots marketing and PR (if you can wrap it up by November there's a circus of an election going on in the states where there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars to be spent).
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