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Prediction Knock Out Cup/Johnstones Paint Quarter Final results

There weren’t too many shocks in the quarter finals of the Prediction Knock Out Cup or the Johnstones Paint competition. In the Prediction Knock Out Cup, favourite @North Lower Neil won a tough away game at @Cafc4life while @Tommo beat higher placed opposition 2-1.

In the Johnstones Paint there were plenty of goals including an impressive 4-1 home win for lowly @Jakecafc against @Nicholas. There will be one replay this weekend between @Lewis Coaches and @Paddy Powell after their 3-3 draw. The draw for the semi finals will take place next week.

Prediction Knock Out Cup results

Tommo (40) v. Redlanered (28) 2-1
Cafc4life (20) v. North Lower Neil (11) 1-3
MrLargo (45) v. AidenTheAddick (48) 1-4
Chezzafromcharlton (35) v. Shrew (94) 4-1

Johnstones Paint results

Jakecafc (91) v. Nicholas (50) 4-1
Paddy Powell (24) v. Lewis Coaches (27) 3-3
Charlton_Stu (44) v. Addick Addict (12) 1-4
StubleyAddick (4) v. Vff (80) 4-2

Johnstones Paint replay this weekend

Lewis Coaches (27) v. Paddy Powell (24)
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